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Monthly challenge!

Hello everyone!

One of my friends Flora always loved lolita, despite being a jeans-and-sweater kind of girl. So when I saw this months challenge, I thought it would be the ideal time to dress up and post some pictures here! She agreed, and when we finally got her and one of my best lolita friends R in the same place -which took nearly the whole month- we got to doll her up.

First of all…I’m sorry for the photo quality and the mess. I noticed both only the day after, so we couldn’t take new ones. I hope you’ll forgive us ^^;

We picked out one of my fanciest dresses (Rose Toilette in pink) because Flora wanted to get the whole package, curled and braided her hair and dressed her up in various (pretty samey) outfits.
We ended up with three, one more casual, one more vintagey and one slightly hime inspired.

Flora’s outfits:

OP, canotier, bonnet, arm warmers and most jewelry is AP, the gloves are Meta, shoes are bodyline and Secret Shop. The fur caplet is vintage (and fake, don’t worry).

I thought it’d be nice to also include our own outfits for the day:

R’s outfit:

JSK and beret clip are Meta, blouse and shoes are bodyline, star clip is Chocomint, the rest is offbrand

And my own outfit:

Headdress, blouse, jsk and socks are Moitie, bag is Meta and the shoes are also bodyline. (I also had Moitie arm warmers on, but after running around looking for shoes I got so hot I took them off and forgot to put them back on for the photo- oops!)

All in all, we had a great day and Flora loved how she looked, even though she declared it the most uncomfortable thing she’d ever worn, haha.
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