Soul of the Innocent (mizanchan) wrote in egl,
Soul of the Innocent

Repurposing Bodyline?

Hi, everyone! So I had a thought. I have a couple Bodyline dresses that I'm unsure will sell in any capacity (pics below LJ-cut). I sew accessories pretty well, so given how cute the prints are I was thinking of taking the dresses and re-using their fabric to make purses or other small accessories. Anyone else end up re-purposing old/damaged/worn-out/unsaleable/etc. Lolita that way?

(Sorry for the 'eh' quality. The camera I've been using is MIA, so I had to use my iPod camera. If it helps to see the full dresses, let me know. I'll snap a couple extra photos and edit them in!)

Tags: sewing: accessories, sewing: fabrics, sewing: help/questions

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