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Staying warm in Lolita and on a budget!

So I thought I'd put this out there since my goal this year is I not to turn on the heat until Thanksgiving and since wearing Lolita this time of year in the Northern hemisphere gets a little iffy. Here are some of the things I'm doing to be a bit more comfortable. Add your thoughts and tricks in the comments!

1. Layer up: since you may not be wearing Lolita when just around the house add a cute sweater and scarf even when just lounging around or doing chores. I sometimes throw in a blanket for good measure on extra chilly mornings. I also have indoor house slippers and down booties that I wear when I'm inside. There are some really cute options out there.

2. Make/ Buy a warm underskirt: A circle skirt made out of polar fleece is an incredibly easy project which requires no hemming and no need for a waist band. I use circle skirt calculator for mine. Flannel is another excellent option but requires more finishing. I usually use a hook closure to cut down on bulk. Wear these under your petticoats for add warmth and wind resistance. Don't forget good boots and coat.

3. Drink your tea: Or coffee, or cider, anything hot really. These beverages act as handy (lol. Get it?) little hand warmers and warm you from the inside. Also tea is pretty cheap but just hot water and lemon is great too plus is good for digestion.

4. Use a personal heating pad: these work amazingly well when sitting at your computer or in the living room reading. Mine cost under $10 and costs less than 10 cents a day to run even if I use it all day. For on the go to meet-ups or events you can get portable hand warmers! Even ones that stick to your tummy or back, great for ice skating or sledding!

5. Use a space heater instead of central: For those of you who typically spend most of their time in one room of the house (my bed and office are in the same room for instance) consider only heating that room.

6. Use an electric blanket: Instead of heating my whole bedroom I just heat my bed,this way the blankets aren't freezing cold when I first get in and I don't wake up cold. Again just heating my bed costs less than heating my whole room or house.

7. Invest in those cold weather accessories: Try to find a pair of gloves, hat, earmuffs, coat, etc. that match most of your wardrobe and are actually warm. Fleece lined leggings and thermal shirts are great options since you can either incorporate them into your coord or hide them under clothing.

8. Keep the kitchen humming: Not only will this provide tasty treats but the residual heat can help warm the house as well as provide extra humidity in the air which retains heat better than dry winter air. Just make sure to share!

9. Stay active: One of my favorite things to do in the winter is laundry since folding clothes right of the dryer is heavenly. It's also good to get your core temperature up with some happy dancing, playing with your pets (or loved ones), hula hooping, cleaning, anything that gets you moving. Even a brisk walk around the block can do wonders.

That's all I have although I'm sure there are plenty of other tricks out there. I hope you all had a safe Halloween! Stay warm!
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