aureliasong (aureliasong) wrote in egl,

So excited! First pair of shoes aaaahh! :D

Hi! I'm Aurelia, and I'm a brand new Lolita. By this I mean that I've been following the fashion and subculture casually for about four years, but I have never had the privilege of wearing Lolita in real life. Now that I actually have some disposable income (though not much), I'm finally taking the leap and am starting to put together my very first coord.

Okay, now for the real purpose of this post: I went to a thrift store today and found some amazing shoes in my size! :3 I'm really excited, haha. Here's a picture:

This is the first thing Lolita that I've actually been able to buy, and it all suddenly seems so real. I'm so incredibly excited to find my first petticoat, my first blouse, my first JSK... but more than that, I'm so excited to get to meet more people who also love frills, lace, and cute things.

Aaah, sorry for the long-winded post! Thanks for reading it! :3

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