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Review: Metamorphose Dark Night Jumperskirt - Medium; Ruby colorway

At the end of the summer, I purchased Metamorphose's Dark Night jumperskirt in Ruby. I chose the medium length because I wanted a more elegant look to go with gothic style, plus I wanted to add this dress in my work wardrobe rotation.

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Ordering Process / Shipping:

I ordered the dress through Meta's online shop. I already had an account there, so I went straight through the purchasing process after adding it to my shopping cart. Once payment was made, the jumperskirt was shipped out in a few days. I don't remember exact time frame, but it was fast and with EMS. The package arrived to me in 4 days.

This is the second time I've purchased directly from Meta. They have the easiest, quickest shopping cart system, that is friendly for Global buyers. The dress came wrapped in a Meta shopping bag that was inside the EMS bag. Included was a postcard, a Meta sticker, and some flyers for upcoming release.

Item Description and Review:

Title: Metamorphose Dark Night

Length: Medium

Colorway: "Ruby"

This color is not close to actual ruby color, but I guess they were going with a theme and it sounded better than "maroon".

The fabric is a light cotton. It's a good blend that doesn't wrinkle easily. As you can see in the photo below, the wrinkles were a result of being packed from Metamorphose. It can take to steam very easily. The dress is fully lined.

The length is perfect for taller Lolitas. I'm petite and at 5'3 (162 cm) in height, the jumperskirt hits at a bit higher than mid calf. I did lower the straps all the way for extra length, so the dress sits closer to my natural waist. Overall, the jumperskirt is very well made and can work for all seasons.

Quick coordinate: There are two Malco Modes petticoats 580 and 582. I think I have the softer one on top, if you want more poof, I would use another A-line petticoat, not cupcake.

Here are two photos of the bodice detail (first is no flash, indoor lighting; the second is natural light).

All the ribbons are removal. The chain that hangs in the front connects to the pins of the two ribbons. The black flower is not removable on that bow, so it is one whole accessory.

This is a red tone dress, so I wanted to show you a comparison of other red items I have in my wardrobe to give you an idea of the type of red. The bow on the left is Angelic Pretty's Cameo Window in Wine and the bow on the right is Alice and the Pirates standard headbow. As you can see the Meta dress is more muted and cooler.

Coordinate suggestion: Play off the black as a main color for blouse, accessories and legware. Secondary color would be the gold. I would not try and match other reds with this unless you have an exact match in tone.

I bought this jumperskirt for the print detail. Not only did I love the gothic style, but the lions look fantastic on this dress. The print detail is very sharp and clear. The whole layout is balanced too as it goes around the dress. The phases of the moon are a great detail, the addition of the gold and yellow colors work very well with the red.

Look at the lace detail! I love it,  it's so regal in design and adds more dimension to this jsk.

Lastly, the jumperskirt is fully back shirred. The shirring is sewn in channels on the back and not elastic sewn directly to the back fabric (like BTSSB sometimes does with their heavy cotton dresses). The elastic is soft and stretchy. I would recommend this for plus size Lolitas, but think the max for comfortable and flattering look would be around 110 cm. Because of the full back shirring, there is no side zipper.  Back straps are adjustable.


This is my first Metamorphose jumperskirt ever (I've been in the fashion for 10 years). I was impressed with the craftsmanship of the garment. I was not disappointed, this jumperskirt is a great addition to my wardrobe. It is very well made and appropriate for the price point. The fit and design of the bodice and skirt is flattering for me. I will definitely be checking Meta's releases and will purchase from them again!

*I did good.

Please let me know if you have any questions or want more details on the dress, I would be happy to answer all that I can.

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