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Boot repair help? Platforms split between the heel! Shoe Goo?

Hello everyone.

I have come to ask for solutions to a pair of boots I have. Replacing isn't easy as I have very large feet and purchase my shoes in men's sizing, as female usually doesn't go up to a size ~14/15. I don't have a lot of choices for shoewear but thankfully I dress in gothic, so I do have a few pairs from the brand Demonia.

Well, just recently the platforms on one of my boots has been separating from the heel part of the boot. I walk slow when I wear these platforms, as they're about 5 inches high. I find it odd that this has only occured in one of the boots, but does anyone have any solutions to this problem? I can stick my finger all the way through to the inside of the boot. I don't think the damage is extensive as the area damaged itself is small, but I wanted to try supergluing it back together.

I have looked up a few products and was wondering if the community had any personal experience with this.

#1 "Shoe Goo® Shoe Repair". (Not sure if linking is ok) - My local Ace Hardware carries this, but I've never used it before. I'm sure there's other variations of Shoe Goo, but I'd like to stick with whichever would be most durable.

#2 "Sugru" A more expensive product with mixed reviews. It's a flexible play-doh-like material that's apparently adhesive and then cures into a rubber. I'm not sure how well this would work. Testimonies always say it does, but it's had mixed reviews. The product is available at my local Target, but it's kind of expensive.

#3 "Gorilla Glue". Just plain ol' gorilla glue super-glue. It's helped me piece back many different materials, but I'm not sure how well it would work on shoes.

What is your take on this? Thank you.

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