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Real Bones in Lolita?

Hi, all,

I have a new pet- a fox skeleton that I was able to find (in near entirety) out in the woods in the Catskills last year. He had died of natural causes, and I scooped him up rather than let him get shattered and broken out on the hiking path. (By the time I found him, he was completely clean and nothing but bones, so no "eeeeew, you touched a dead body?" please.)

I am torn between having the skeleton completely articulated and using everything I can to make accessories and bone jewelry. My current plan (if I go this route,) is to make a really elaborate headdress using the skull and jaw bones, and use all the bones left for jewelry and such.

The real question here is, how do you feel about real animal bones in lolita? I'm sure there are a lot of people who would think it's gross, and some who would think it's okay. Can anyone give me their opinion and why? I haven't seen this discussed before (though fur has come up often,) so I'd love some feedback on the idea.

Before we get too far- I DESPISE HUNTING OR KILLING ANIMALS FOR SPORT- I DID NOT KILL THE FOX FOR FUR OR SPORT. If you do not plan to eat them or use EVERY part of them for something, then I will hate you. So please don't start in on how I'm an animal murderer or something; again, I found the fox already a completely picked clean skeleton who died of natural causes.
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