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September's theme is work/school

September's theme is...


September is the time for school and those of us that work it’s just another month on the job. So this month we’ll celebrate lolitas at work and school. What things do you do to lolitify your school/work space? Do you deco your binders? Have a locker that could double as a page in the G&LBs? Is your cubical a shrine to Mana? Or are you more subtle and make sure your letterheads have that extra touch of class and your memo-pads the envy of all your co-workers? Now’s the time to share how you spread the lolita sprit amongst the more mundane.
We’re trying out an addition to themes with a coord challenge. If it’s popular we’ll continue it next month!

This month’s coord challenge is Incognito Lolita.
What coords can you make that wouldn’t raise the eyebrows of your boss/principal?

Create your own post, or add to the conversation in the comments below.

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