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Lolita x High-fashion?

About three years of watching EGL from afar, finally I have the courage to make an LJ account and start posting.

I did a photoshoot recently with a local photographer at his home studio.

We wanted to try something a little different. We tried to give a more editorial 'high-fashion' type look to the photos. I know the extravagant, I would say 'avant-garde' style has been popular with coordinates lately, especially at high-profile events, but we wanted to give a more clean, simple image.

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The JSK is Baby's Swan Lake print. (2005 I think?) Since the dress is very detailed - not extra specially in terms of Lolita, but this was the first time the photographer had properly seen this style - we decided to make the rest of the outfit quite neutral; white offbrand blouse and tights, a couple of bracelets, and some simple elegant earrings.

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My hair I left lightly curled and down. Originally I had styled it so it fell one shoulder, but it didn't say like that for long. In hindsight I would have added a few small flower clips to my hair, just to finish it off, but the only accessories I had with me were rectangular headdresses, big bows and flower garlands, which I think would be too overbearing for this look.

I tried to keep my make-up light, but I think it was probably a little too light in these photos. Working under studio lights all day really wears it off!

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All photos credited to Mikon.

What do you think? Do you prefer more simple cords or OTT ones? Any examples of Lolita mixed with western fashion?

Thank you for reading.
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