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New resource about Taobao shopping

Hello all! Due to the difficulty of finding a complete guide and resource on how to use Taobao and shopping services/resellers to obtain items from Taobao, I decided to make a blog on the matter.

(Fake cut to my blog's Taobao FAQ)

Of course, the blog/FAQ is not complete at all. I tried to give a quick answer to most questions newbies might have, but I will make posts with further explainations when necessary.

My reason for sharing this on here is that I would love to have feedback on this FAQ as well as suggestions to improve it (questions that could be asked, details that could be added to some answers, etc.). Any kind of input will be gladly appreciated and taken into consideration. <3 Thanks for your attention.

(Also, if you see grammar mistakes, feel free to point them out: you are even encouraged to do so since I'm very conscious of my limitations due to the fact that English is not my first language.)
Tags: community: useful links, discussion: indie brands, discussion: misc, marketplace: taobao, tutorial: misc

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