Commander Freddy (commanderfreddy) wrote in egl,
Commander Freddy

Winter Coordinate Accessory Advice Please?

Hello everyone! I'm going to be attending my very first Lolita meetup later this week, and since I'm new to the fashion and want to make a good impression, I'd like to request some advice regarding accessories.
The theme is navy and winter (yay southern hemisphere), and I'm thinking of wearing a coord I wore to a convention a few weeks ago.

Since it's both navy and made of a pretty heavy velvet-y fabric I reckon the body of the coord will be an ok choice, but I'm wondering about what to wear as headgear.

To fit the winter theme better, I was thinking of wearing a navy flowercrown along with an antler-ears headband, like this.

I'm unsure about this, though, because I have heard talk that animal-ears are pretty ita-ish and lame, and also that the deer thing is kinda passé. I normally wouldn't be so nitpicky and would just wear the damn antlers because tbh I love deer motifs, but this is my very first meetup, and it's with a pretty big comm so I want to make a good impression. I'm so new to lolita and I am still just in highschool but I want to make it clear that I really care about the fashion all the same.

So what do you guys think? Should I wear the antlers, or just go with the crown I wore to the convention? Also if you have any ideas about the coord itself I'd love to hear it, I'd hate to think I was making some big mistake everyone thought was too obvious to comment on or something!

Thank you!
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