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Japonica Market review - Negative.

Hello everyone, just wanted to write a review about my bad experience with Japonica as they seem to be a recommend Y!Japan\Mbok shopping service.
Tl;dr- Japonica Market will change your shipping form without notice.

I was browsing Y!Japan and found one of my dream prints (Metamorphose Secret Library) so decided to take the plunge and finally buy something off Y!Japan. I was hoping to use my usual SS Tenso but as they do not offer this kind of service I went with Japonica Market which also seemed highly recommended in the Lolita community.

Using their order form was easy, you just need to copy and paste the details they request and send it to them by Email. Japonica will then send you a invoice for the maximum bid amount requested+paypal fees. They will either place the bid immediately or do a snipe bid 5 minutes before the end of the auction.

Luckily I won the bid and as shipping isn't cheap decided to order 2 blouses and a skirt from Closetchild to add to the order. I also helped a friend of mine bid on a dream dress so we could share shipping expenses.

Once everything had been bought I received a invoice on the 30.5 and paid part of the shipping cost. Because I had already sent some extra money for a auction which I lost and didn't want to lose out on the Paypal fees I didn't need to add much. In all order forms I stated that I want to use the Registered Airmail option because EMS here charge absurd custom prices.

On 1.6 I got a message that my item has been shipped and I was surprised to see that it was shipped by EMS! At first I thought this was just the way the Japanese tracking website looks for any shipping (I have bought off Bodyline, Tenso and Metamorphose in the past and all the tracking numbers seem to lead to the EMS website). Yet as the days past I saw the package was travelling way faster then it should be.

It turned out that I was right- the parcel was shipped by EMS. Which was not what I had agreed to and I got billed with a extra 9,732 Yen. So I sent Japonica Market a Email and the following conversation took place:

At this point it seems that Japonica Market misunderstood what I was complaining about and thought I was perhaps complaining about there being taxes in general, so I tried to make things as clear as possible.

And it seems that they still didn't understand and for some reason advised me to contact the Embassy about their shipping mistake.
Just to be clear, what I am angry about in this situation is that they changed the shipping option I have chosen without giving any notice.

While communicating with them I took another look at their website and at the time they just had the line "More than 6000yen purchase price, Please choose EMS shipping for insurance." which implies that the customer may choose either shipping option but they advise on choosing EMS for orders over 6,000 Yen due to the insurance coverage. This line has now been changed to add "Registered Airmail < 6000yen/2kg/90cm < EMS" which still seems like something that can cause confusion.

So in short, I'd recommended not to use Japonica Market if you want to order multiple items or wish to use a shipping service other then EMS.
The communication was fast but it seems their employees are not nearly fluent enough to be working with customer service issues and were very unprofessional.

As of ways to improve I'd recommend Japonica Market make their website clearer for future customer and use a translator service in order to communicate with customers who require further assistance then the form/invoice/basic questions.

If anyone has recommendations for another Y!Japan\Mbok shopping service feel free to add them in the comments!

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