cat_lace_magic (cat_lace_magic) wrote in egl,

lolita obsesion

Lolita fashion is really pretty and amazing. I look at photos of it everyday and stuff( and read about it) (ad watch countless vlogs). I've only been in to it for a couple of months(like 5 in a half) and I already have ten dresses and skirts(I use ALL of my money on clothes and fabric. I lose other stuff easily) . The problem is my mom thinks I'm too obsesed with the fashion and thinks they are special ocassion clothes even though I wear them almost every day.I like weaing it everyday and now my mom said I cant get any new dresses for four weeks. ( I spend all my money on clothes) I also am too scared to go meetups because I'm 13( going on 14). Any suggestions?

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