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Eat Me Ink Me - Custom Order review [Positive] ^_^

Hello! Having done a search of egl, I'd noticed that there aren't that many reviews for the indie brand Eat Me Ink Me (although a spectacular review was done by raven-snow, which can be found here). Therefore, after putting in a custom order recently, I decided to write up a review of my own, especially if you want something unique for your wardrobe. Hopefully it helps (it's my first review, so I'm sorry if this comes out kinda crummy. I'm also not a seamstress or too versed in clothing construction, so my apologies in advance).

The Order
I am a huge fan of 80s fantasy films: Legend, Labyrinth, Krull, etc. My all time favorite movie however (as well as favorite book) isThe Neverending Story. I love both the films and the novel so much. My favorite character was always the Childlike Empress/Moon Child (Kinderliche Kaserin/ Mondenkind), and I adored her residence, the Ivory Tower. So one night, feeling nostalgic, I'd decided I had wanted a lolita dress or set based on this beloved movie. Having remembered that Eat Me Ink Me did custom orders, I reached out to the store on Etsy on May 11th to ask if the owner, Zeloco, could make that idea into a reality.

Communication - 5/5
Zeloco responded to me promptly to my initial message and actually agreed to do the print using a picture I had provided for her (shown below).

She even allowed me to do a two-part payment plan, with the shipping date set at June 5th. However, she had been concerned about the sizing of the image I had given her, as it might've come out too blurry on the custom print. Still, I did what I could to resize the picture, and she later sent me images of what the print would look like. It actually turned out very nicely, so I told her to go right ahead with printing the fabric and making the set (consisting of a vest and simple skirt, with the print on both).
In general, the communication with her was excellent, very professional and courteous; she kept me updated at every opportunity and provided me with images of the print, the fabric, and the pieces themselves. As soon as it was ready to be sent out, she showed me pictures of the finished outfit and choices of back lacing for the vest. She also provided the tracking number when asked.

These were the images of the finished set:

Shipping and Packaging - 5/5
Zeloco actually shipped the set out right on time, June 5th exactly. It just arrived today, June 15th, so shipping time was excellent.
The packaging was very good, well sealed, and had large cupcake stickers on parts of the package that could have possibly opened, so that was awesome to see.
The set itself was sealed in a large ziplock bag, held shut with a EatMeInkMe label sticker. Inside was the vest and skirt, exactly as shown and without damage, as well as a lovely note, a fitting "copper-colored" store card, and a tag for clothing care regarding the set.

Item - 4.9/5
As said before, the set itself was exactly as the pictures Zeloco posted; the print came out perfectly, with enough mistiness to look surreal, yet still clear enough to see the image. She had also widened the middle pleat of the skirt so that the Ivory Tower would still be visible, without hurting the skirt design. Although Zeloco also mentioned that she had made the vest as long as was humanly possible, it actually was a very good size and meets the skirt well without revealing the blouse beneath if I stretch.

The skirt was actually unlined, which I hadn't known, though it doesn't make much difference for me so it's fine. That's the worst of it really, which is nothing. The fabric resembles the fabric used for FanplusFriend's Time Lord series, but it's a lot softer and not as stiff, so it's a good quality. Suitable for spring/fall. There is an invisible zipper and eyehook on the side, and a small amount of back shirring. The seams look well done, no stray threads or fraying anywhere. The print was done on both front and back, so obviously it's not continuous, though this lack of continuity has no major effect on the beauty of the skirt. It is extremely comfortable to wear, probably my most comfortable skirt now.

At first, with Zeloco's forewarning, I was scared the vest was gonna be shorter than I would've liked, and when I first removed it it really did look small. However, when I tried the set on, the vest was perfect! We had agreed on bronze crown buttons, which worked well with the print, as well as ivory colored lacing for the back. I was so happy with the way the design of the vest turned out, especially with the print. To my surprise, she had also added an inner black button to the inside of the vest to help keep it closed. I'd never really seen that before, though I think it's nice to have. Additionally, you cannot see the stitches from the hidden button on the front, as it looks like one of the crown buttons was sewn exactly on the opposite side. Again, very comfortable to wear.

Experience - 14.9/15
I have to say, this was my first experience with both custom ordering and with the brand Eat Me Ink Me, and it was really a great experience. Zeloco is an excellent seller and designer, I was truly pleased with her professionalism, her manner and her skill. The set turned out better than I'd ever expected, and I'm thrilled to now have an item that reflects my love of The Neverending Story, and that also combines that with my passion for Lolita. I will likely be making another custom order with her in the future, and hopefully maybe those of you reading this can finally acquire a print you've always wanted. ^_^

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