alice_seabrooke (alice_seabrooke) wrote in egl,

Book print jsk?

Awhile back I saw an image of a book print jsk.  The skirt had a pattern of book spines and the bodice was a dark color that wasn't black (and may have been velvet).  It was worn with a blouse and modeled by a girl standing in what I'm assuming was a library, right in front of some sort of a railing.  I now can't find that picture anywhere.

So frustration aside, I'm asking for any book print JSK.  Images, links, anything.  The closest I've found to what I'm looking for is Innocent World's Royal Library, but I'm still looking for anything even remotely similar.  (I'm looking to make a book jsk in the near future, so inspiration and pictures are much needed.)
Tags: !how do i tag this, garment: dresses, request: information, request: inspiration, request: photos

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