LawliPrincess (lawliprincess) wrote in egl,

Advice for Steampunk Lolita Coord

Hello! I recently attended Clockwork Alchemy and was so moved and inspired from their fashion show! They showcased a lot of spring colors and different types of styles, ranging from the traditional wear to the more Victorian style. I am inspired to make a Lolita steampunk coord but I would love some feedback first! I'm going for a mint and brown look to add color.

Here is Melty Ribbon Chocolate in Bitter. I am interested in it as the base of the coord.


I would prefer with the beret though. I could see this with a more traditional gears and all sort of look.

For the second dress, it's Musee Du Chocolat.

This fits the more Victorian style of steampunk and I can see it being very pretty if I go all out.

If anyone could give some advice on which one to choose or even link me to some items that could go with these dresses, that would be lovely! Thank you so much for your help!
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