Laura (laurellrose) wrote in egl,

Closet Child Guide?

I apologise if this would come under a newbie notes question, I'm just wondering if its jsut me who has this problem.

So basically I want to order somehthing on thier site and if clicked all around and read all the stuff aobut international orders and the like, but none of it seems to add up with what's actaully on their site. I have looked up serveal guides on how to order from them and none of them seem to be consistant with the actual site. So I decided to just go for it and place an order, or at least attmept to. After clicking the "add to cart" button and got a screen like this:

I filled in my name and email but I was confused as to what to put in the bottom box? At first I just left it blank but then I got an email back saying I need to fill it in. Do I just put in that I want to buy it or what? Is this the right way to make international orders?

It would be really helpful if there was an updated guide (or their own one was accurate) or jsut something to help newbs like me. 
Tags: ordering: misc questions, request: advice, request: information

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