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Pop Princess Illustrator Contest 2015: Now Accepting Entries for a Fabric Illustrator!

Hello beautiful friends! To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, Pop Princess has decided to host another illustrator contest! Flor (Coffeshere) and I have decided that we would like to add a new artist to our royal family this year to join us in creating illustrated fabric designs to be turned into beautiful designs!

Back in 2013, Flor was the very first to be voted as the champion of our first illustrator contest and has since brought us beautiful prints such as... Starry Garden and Bright Star!

Flor and I are looking for another illustrator or artist this year to join Pop Princess! If you are passionate about illustration or have always wanted to see your fabric designs turned into lovely dresses then we would very much love for you to submit an entry into this year's contest!

To read the full criteria and rules for entering the contest, follow:

ENTRIES WILL BE OPEN FROM.... May 20th ~ June 15th!

Criteria of Illustrator Submissions:
- Is willing to work with the designer, be flexible, and bring creations/ideas to life
- Has a good eye and skill for illustration (i.e. proportion, color concept, overall design)
- Is well versed in both Illustrator and Photoshop to create full color digital illustrations
- Bonus if familiar with producing fabric designs
- Must be fully committed, hard working, and able to meet/complete deadlines
- Highly motivated, attention to detail a must
*You can be from any country, not just the US to apply!

~TO ENTER: Please copy and paste this filled out form below in the blog comments, or via the fan page as a comment or private message. (Or in this case, you may leave your information here below in the comments section!)

Submission Entry Form:
First Name:
A Portfolio Link:
(i.e. a website portfolio, Deviantart, etc---show us your best art work)
A Little About Yourself: (i.e. how long have you been an illustrator? etc)
What Makes You The Right Candidate to Join Pop Princess and Flor?:

Good luck and we're looking forward to receiving and reviewing your submissions!
~Annika / Pop Princess
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