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Birthday Haul

Hey again everyone! A little while I go I posted to get help for the coord I would wear on my birthday daytrip to NYC to go to the BABY/AatP/Tokyo Rebel store. I want to thank everyone who helped out, because partly thanks to you guys this day was great! I'm releived today went well because I won't be able to celebrate my birthday on my actual birthday, so this was my pseudo-day I got back a little while ago and after stuffing my face with pizza and rice pudding, I edited the photos I took. Pics and more below the cut:

So my day actually started at 8am, 2 hours before I wanted to get up, but my anxiety got too bad for me to sleep so I decided just to stop trying and get up. After a lounging around, eating, and then slowly getting ready, I was off!

I've had bad allergies lately so on the drive up I wore my super cute lolita mask! (sarcasm)
Even though it was Saturday, It only took us about 30 minutes to get inside the city. I got to the shop and went hunting for what I wanted. It was pretty cramped so it was hard to move around but even then I was done in a flash!

Full coord photo!... kinda. Not sure why the person taking this photo felt I needed to be the smallest thing in it but oh well, it's the only photo I have like this.
I was actually pleasantly surprised with this trip. Not one person make a negative comment about my outfit. One of the shop keeps like my Sentimental Circus bag, 10 seconds after walking about a photographer (hobbiest or not he had a NICE camera and knew how to take photos) asked me for a photo really politely, and some random dude next to him stopped to take a photo as well, waiting around for another 10 minutes, a couple on vacation stopped me (again REALLY politely) and the woman said that her daughter would adore to dress like me (random person who knows I was wearing an outfit not a costume, yay) and asked if she could take a picture of me and with me and the man said it was a really lovely outfit before they said their goodbyes and left. This was my first time out in public in lolita, and not only am I really shy, I'm also not the most self-confident person, but I actually felt pretty! It was so nice!
I got back home and managed to take some photos before getting into PJs.

Sorry for the mess, I literally just got back from a trip yesterday.
Anyway! Onto what is important, what I got!

Before I went, I was really looking forward to having an actual BABY shopping bag. At checkout, the assistant brought out the much bigger AaTP bag and I was like cool! Even better! Then she brought out a baby bag too.. Wooooooooo~~!

Everything was packed carefully and nicely. Even though I was melting under the bright lights the entire time (Baby the Lights Shine Bright) I still appreciate it.

First item out of the bag! The Song Spinning in the World of the Shadow Picture JSK in Green. It looks black, but its like a dark forest green. I really love this print and originally wanted it in Navy but they didn't seem to have it in the store. So I got talked into the green colorway, and I still love it!

Next is Alice's Automaton Clock Orchestra skirt in Emerald Green (its blue but okay BABY). Again I had a hard time with this colorway choice. There was this one and a pink one, I ended up getting the blue on because it was "more Alice". I also got Alice's Pocket Watch socks in Ivory x Brown because I like them better than the Automaton socks, and Cards Lace Satin Ribbon Comb because the shop assistant recommended them for the skirt.

To go with my new JSK, I got the Berceuse Blouse in Black.

And finally, my crowning achievement of this haul, what I've always wanted from BABY, my Napoleon Fish Bag in brown. I was originally going to get black because I usually buy everything in black, but then I noticed that brown would go with almost everything in my lolita closet. For some reason I see myself dressing in gothic but I only actually own classic styles so... brown in best! I love it! I really really love it!
That's all I got, a pretty decent haul if you ask me seeing as its doubled my lolita wardrobe xD I hope to get an new job that pays better so I can go back more often. Sorry that this is a long post, most people put their hauls into videos but I am way too shy to be on camera like that so this is the best I could do. Hope you could take interest in it anyway!
Have a good day~ ♥
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