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Art post: Doily Circus

My first post in egl in years. Eek ^-^' Been on a hiatus for quite some time. Not that I ever was too active a poster here (^- ^') but made some art posts and I did follow the community regularly. Anyway! Art



~oO Doily Circus Oo~

This was a piece made for a drawing contest held at Helsinki Lolita Convention last weekend. Comp of several watercolored pieces. It did win, but there was lots less competition than anticipated anyway ^-^' More memorable was the honour of handing a print of this to Maki of Angelic Pretty at the event as well <3

Recently opened a long over due DeviantArt account (marukuki), if anyone's interested to come visit me there. It's still quite desolate, but will hopefully start to see more action as time goes by. Views, comments, much appreciated (^ 3 ^)

Outside my home base here on Livejournal I'm also on Instagram, tumblr, twitter and the like. Do come say hi anywhere you please (^ o ^)/

Looking forward to sharing more art with you all in the future.

丸茎イエミナ Marukuki Jemina


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