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March Monthly Theme: Josefina Montoya!

I don't have any porcelain dolls or BJDs of my own, but I do have an American Girl doll! The one I have is Josefina Montoya and I've had her since my 10th birthday, so this is a great time to show her off to you guys!

Here she is in her original outfit (at least until American Girl rebooted the historical doll line into BeForever and re-did all of the girls' main outfits).

This is the newest outfit I got for her. It's a complete outfit inspired by styles from the 70s (at least I think that's the decade...) from Our Generation. It's only $5 at Target (no joke!).

I crocheted this top from a pattern book I got at the craft store!

This is Felicity's Christmas gown (along with the extra stomacher and choker). My younger sister had Felicity but gave her away, and I decided to keep this outfit.

I got this as a Christmas gift one year. This is a day outfit for Marie-Grace (who lived during the cholera outbreak in 1853 New Orleans), but it's no longer available for purchase.

My aunt gave me Josefina's birthday outfit as a birthday gift when I was younger. Unfortunately, one of the slippers and the choker went missing some time ago. :(

All curled up in bed for some sleep! Bed is from Ikea, sheets are actually bandannas and a blanket I crocheted myself.

I'm not going to go into detail on where I got each garment and accessory, but I will say that they're from American Girl, Springfield Collection (sold at A.C. Moore and Michael's craft stores), Our Generation (sold at Target), Wal-Mart (can't remember their name), handmade by me, and bought at craft fairs.

If you got any questions, leave them in the comments!
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