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I noticed this sad news had not yet been posted on EGL. A terrible tragedy just happened: Masa Vukotic, a 17-year-old Lolita from Melbourne, Australia, was brutally stabbed to death while taking a walk in a park near her home at 6pm.

Lolitas and women all over the world are expressing their support to the family using the hashtag #PinkforMarci. Friends and family reunited in the crime scene to place flowers on the very spot where sweet Marci took her last breath. Many of them wore pink and Lolita Fashion as pink was Marci's favourite color.

This beutiful, bright, funny schoolgirl, cosplayer, bunny lover, Lolita and daughter with dreams of becoming a lawyer was known by her friends as "Princess Marci". Several facebook pages have been created to remember Marci and demand justice for her and other women victims of violence.
The man accused of the attack, Sean Christian Pince, had been sentenced previously for sexual assaults. In 2004 Sean Christian Price of Donvale pleaded guilty to 22 charges including two counts of rape, three counts of indecent assault and four of stalking. He was sentenced to more than eight years detention at a psychiatric hospital, over a series of attacks on women around Melbourne including a 13-year-old girl. Judge John Barnett said Price was suffering from the onset of schizophrenia and his psychosis clouded his social judgement as well as his understanding of the impact on his victims. He ordered he serve at least five and a half years of an eight year, two month sentence as a secure patient at the Thomas Embling Hospital.

He was charged of Masa's murder as well as rape, three assaults and two robberies that occurred in the hours before his apprehension at 11.30am on Thursday.Police said they were obtaining CCTV footage from 12 suburbs over a seven-day period. They also asked for time to conduct DNA tests.

Man sent to psychiatric hospital over sex crimes
Youth "got high" from sex attacks
Masa Vukotic accused killer Sean Price charged with rape in Christian bookshop in Sunshine
Police are investigating if Masa was victim to a random attack or rather she was being stalked.
Marci's friends are organizing a memorial picnic this 28th of March called Princess Marci Royal Picnic where assistants are meant to wear pink.

Lolita communities have also been showing their support. And people all over the world are wearing pink to demand justice for Masa.
I know this is a sad post and I hope I'm not breaking any rules, I just thought the EGL community needed to know since I'm sure many of you would want to pay your respects and condolences.

The facebook community "In memory of Princess Marcy" remind us: "Please remember, however, that at this moment in time, Marci's family has requested to be left in privacy so they are able to grieve over their loss. Please respect this."
It is a sad moment for all of us. R.I.P. Marci.

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