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Innocent World Bolero Review - French Lace and Princess Sleeve!

I purchased two boleros from Innocent World recently, so they may still be active on their site.
Please feel free to ask questions regarding the items, I will do my best to answer them.

Boleros! The staple item for any Lolita wardrobe. They're the best to wear when you don't want to deal with a blouse or want to add more elegant look to your coordinate.

In February, I purchased two boleros from Innocent World directly. The first bolero, French Lace Collar was from their regular sale section and the second Long Princess Sleeve Bolero was from their winter sale area. This is my second order with Innocent World, the first being the reservation and ordering for the Union Jack jsk. So I was familiar with their ordering process, communication, and shipping. Innocent World's orders include a shopping bag and a lovely hand written note. Like before, this experience was just as positive!

Now lets jump into the review of the two boleros!

Price point: Innocent World boleros do fall under the standard Japanese brand market value. Not on sale, these would be about $90-$100 each depending on the exchange rate. Granted, that is a lot spend on an item that is basically cotton and lace, but if you're looking for an excellent quality bolero that you can get a lot of wear out of, these are for you.
I purchased these new instead of auctions or second hand because of the rarity in finding a size L. Usually, when I find one at Closet Child, Maiden Clothing and other consignment stores, they're sold out. So if you're want a size L Innocent World bolero, buying new will be your surest way to get one.

French Lace Collar


~A bolero attracting everyone with French lace in antique-style~

Please take a look at this beautiful organdie lace in the motif of tulip.
The one for elegant classical styles.

The description is definitely true of this bolero. What attracted me to it was the white lace collar (which is detachable! So you basically have 2 looks for the price of 1, great choice on IW's part.) The wide collar is also subtle and feminine, not unlike her sister bolero's which have the standard levels of lace, you can easily wear this bolero over a simple dress at the office or out for a spring picnic. Simple put, this bolero can be easily worn for Lolita and also casual clothing.

The color of this bolero is the Beige x Beige, the standard beige that I believe Innocent World uses within their past and present Bolero line.
Notes: There is no elastic in the sleeves of this bolero, the cuffs have the standard bolero lace.

Long Princess Sleeve Bolero


Here's the Long Princess Sleeve Bolero featuring gorgeous tulle lace.

Princess sleeves made with wide tulle lace will finish up your coordinates with a princess feel♪

This bolero lives up to its description. The sleeves are beautiful and the layers of lace, would make any Lolita feel like a princess.

The color of his bolero is the Bordeaux/Cafe au Lait - The base color is Bordeaux and the lace is of a beige color. The stock photos make the contrast look a bit more striking than in person. Intitially, the lace looked more yellow against the bolero - which is the result of photoshopping the Bordeaux x Pink bolero into this one. In person, the lace is more brown beige and compliments the bordeaux.

As for coordinates, classic and OTT classic would be best for this bolero, in all it's colorways. If it came in navy or black, you certainly could do a gothic coord.

Notes: This bolero does have elastic in the sleeves, if you have large or muscular arms, this may cause discomfort.

Coordinate Ideas

What do you think about these boleros?

Do you own any of IW's past and current boleros and how have you dressed them with your coordinates?

Do you have other sources (Brand of off brand) for boleros?

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