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Rule Update and Introducing Newbie Notes

Hi, EGL! Welcome to the inaugural edition of Newbie Notes, a new weekly tutorial feature on the community. Typically, we'll use this space to answer commonly asked questions about lolita, or to provide a brief tutorial on a basic aspect of the fashion. The comment section will be open to any questions from members regarding the fashion, and all are welcome to comment with answers as they please!

This feature is probably the most visible sign of a new update to EGL's rules. This week, instead of a tutorial, we'll give you a short rundown of the changes we've made.

So what, exactly, are the rule changes?
The major rule change is that all posts must contribute to discussion. The only functional change to the rules is that all basic questions (e.g. "Where can I buy Angelic Pretty?" or "What is a Taobao shopping service?") must be asked in the comments section of our weekly question post- in other words, this post!

The other changes are primarily cosmetic but are as follows:

  • The rule prohibiting introductions has been removed and folded into the new "discussion" rule.

  • The rule prohibiting sales posts has been removed and folded into the new "discussion" rule.

  • The rule prohibiting advertisements has been removed and folded into the new "discussion" rule.

  • The rule prohibiting discussion of illegal replicas has been lightly updated to better reflect its true intent. The primary text of this rule now also bans the illegal sharing of copyrighted media; however, this is not really a functional change to the rule since it was already reflected in the rule's full text.

If you want to read the full text and consequences for the rules, you can do so here.

So what does this change mean?
The primary effect of this change is that all basic questions must be asked in the weekly question thread. Photoshoots, release updates for brands that are not your own, debates, and so on are still appropriate for posting to the community.

Why was this change made?
One of the most common complaints we get about the community is that it's full of repetitive questions. This is a bad situation for everyone. Old members who have the experience to answer questions don't want to browse the community and see questions they've seen asked repeatedly over the community's decade-plus history. New members get no answers, or posts full of snarky or useless replies.

By creating a dedicated post for questions, we hope to ensure that older members aren't turned off browsing by questions that have already been asked literally hundreds of times previously, while new members don't have to settle for low-quality answers or spend hours browsing through our massive archive to find what they need to know.

What kinds of questions are covered under this rule?
A general rule of thumb is that this rule covers any question that has a known, factual answer, or that could be answered by a single commenter. Most posts that could have multiple "best" answers are still allowed. For example, if your question was, "Where could I buy Angelic Pretty items?" you would want to post in the weekly help thread. This is a question with a simple, straightforward answer that's not really open to debate. If your question is, in contrast, "What was the inspiration and foundation behind Angelic Pretty?" you could post it to the community separately, since the history of the brand isn't very well-documented and could inspire research and discussion.

There are some kinds of posts, like very specific coordinate advice posts (e.g. "Please tell me what to wear with my new dress") that just aren't very interesting or appealing to most other members, so those should go in the weekly question post, too. Please use your best judgment!

How will this rule be enforced?
Going forward, we'll delete posts that are in violation of this rule and PM the original poster to request them to move it to the weekly question thread. We will not be retroactively deleting question posts made prior to this rule change. We won't be super strict about it, but we do trust you to use your best judgment.

If you feel a post violates this rule, please PM a moderator. We recognize the rule is relatively subjective so to ensure consistency we prefer to enforce it ourselves. If you feel you were redirected or your post was removed in error, please ask a moderator for clarification.

Does this rule apply to past posts?
No, this rule does not apply to posts made prior to March 11, 2015 at 8:30 PST (the time the rules were updated and this post was made). EGL has been around since 2001- it simply isn't feasible to go through and delete every basic question ever asked in light of that, and we don't have a huge moderation staff.

What is the penalty for breaking this rule?
Since this rule is just to make the community more pleasant for our members, the punishment isn't too harsh. We'll delete posts in violation. You will only receive a warning or ban if you repeatedly violate the rule in a way that shows you're willfully ignoring the moderation team's requests.

Overall, we hope this rule will address the majority of complaints regarding the community, and we hope this will not only make discussion more lively, but make it possible for new users to obtain higher-quality answers to their questions.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this rule update, please ask them in the appropriate space in the comment thread! Otherwise, the floor is open for any simple questions regarding lolita fashion :)
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