Emily (sugaryalchemist) wrote in egl,

My-Lolita-Dress: Issues with shipping/processing

So I ordered 2 purses from My-Lolita-Dress (against my normal methods and somewhat better judgement after a couple of rumors but absolutely no luck anywhere else) on February 15th. The bags were both in stock in my selected colorways, and the processing time on the website for each bag stated 3 days, shipping 4-5. So, knowing I want them for an event on March 20th, I believed that they would show up in plenty of time.

No dice. After a few days when they did not ship, I sent an email to the address provided in my order email. She responded very quickly and politely, explaining that it was the Chinese New Year holiday and everyone had already taken off. She then assured me the bags would ship in early March.

It has now been 17 full days since ordering, and the bags are still "processing." I emailed again to get an update, explaining that I need the bags by March 20th, and was told to check the processing times as they are the most accurate rate of when things will be ready to ship. I replied that they were said to only process 3 days, and it has been 17. I was hearing rumors that they totally drop the ball for shipping, but I could not find purses I liked anywhere else for a reasonable price new. Though shipping was a killer!

Has anyone else been having problems like this? Their email replies have been prompt and polite so far, but I'm quite a bit frustrated with the fact that I ordered a month in advance, and I'm left waiting 17 days just for the bags to even hit the shipping dock?
Tags: request: advice, request: service recs/reviews, request: site recs/reviews

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