haybails1996 (haybails1996) wrote in egl,

Sewing Ideas?

[I have some fabric but I'm not sure what to sew with it.]I have quite a bit of two fabrics that just never had anything done with them.

Photo on 2-19-15 at 3.19 PM

The first one feels like a broadclothish material. It's blue with pink flowers and white design. I love this and I feel maybe a JSK would be the best but I'm not exactly sure what cut.

Photo on 2-19-15 at 3.19 PM #2

My second one is this thicker blue checkerish fabric (not sure what its called) that I like. I'm stumped on this one. I've looked at several op and jsk cuts and I can't decided what to do with it.

What I would love is some suggestions for both fabrics what cuts I could do. I would really appreciate picture reference if you really would like to help me out. Thank you so much.

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