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Woody's Lolita review (Positive) – Milu Forest Swan lake Anastasia JSK

After searching everywhere for the Milu Forest Swan lake Anastasia JSK, I finally found it on a Storenvy store called Woody's Lolita. Now I was hesitant at ordering from there, because no reviews existed for it and the only entry I could find for it was on the Lolita Tip's blog which stated that it was most likely a legitimate Taobao reseller. So I took the plunge and ordered from it, and I must say I don't regret it.

Now my size was out of stock so the seller kindly offered to try and find it on the second-hand market for me, which they did. Their communication was excellent, probably the best I have ever dealt with, never replying later than a day. They answered all my enquiries and I placed my order. It was 12 days for them to get the dress from the owner, ship to them, and then post it to me. (It took slightly longer than it otherwise would have because I didn't enter my phone number for shipping purposes) Then it only took 3 days to get to me, excluding Sunday, which was amazing considering it came from China!

On to the pictures:

Dress etc. wrapped inside:

Nicely protected, everything there as described.

Wrist cuffs, Detachable Bow and Detachable apron:

Lovely, the lace is so soft!

The Dress:

Absolutely beautiful and in the agreed condition. The only snag was that when I tried it on, one of the neck ties fell off, but this was at no fault of the seller. The thread that connected it to the button simply came off, but this is easily repairable, it's hardly uncommon for buttons and such to be bothersome in clothing.

In summary:

Ease of ordering: 5/5 – An easy form on Storenvy's site, just make sure you put you phone number in, unlike me. :)
Communication: 5/5 – Excellent, probably best I've ever experienced.

Shipping: 4/5 – Very quick shipping from China.
Accuracy of item: 5/5 – Everything was present and accounted for in the agreed condition. The neck tie as mentioned before, easily repairable and was at not fault of the seller.
Overall Experience: 4/5 – An amazing seller, I would definitely recommend them.
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