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Kitsuraki's Wardrobe Post!

DSC01413 copy
Hello everyone, here is my very late wardrobe post. sorry everyone! I had a busy month, but I included most stuff that I got in January, even though I don't think you are suppose to do that. Also to add to the difficulties is that I have my wardrobe separated in two different locations (my dorm room and my house), so it was harder to make a more organized wardrobe post (so sorry about the disorganization of this post! Most other people have put mine to shame).

My new year resolution for next year is to have this planned in advance so I don't have my wardrobe post so disorganized (and late)

Let's begin!


Alice and the Pirates- Guilty Meltin' Sweets Town

Alice and the Pirates- Night Ship Alice

Alice and the Pirates- Wonder Rabbit Magical Trump Tea Party

4 sweet cream house
Angelic Pretty- Sweet Cream House

5 dreamy dollhouse
Angelic Pretty- Dreamy Dollhouse

6 milky planet
Angelic Pretty- Milky Planet- I actually have a double to this one.
Angelic Pretty- Crystal Dream Carnival

Angelic Pretty- Candy Sprinkle

9 trick or treat
BTSSB- My Sweet Mate Kumya Trick or Treat

Secret AIR MAIL from Sweet Kitty Jumper Skirt

11 bodyline dress 2
Bodyline jsk
12 DSC00530
Bodyline jsk
Infanta- Sweet Cream Kitty
Bodyline Skirt

15 meta skirt
Metamorphose Skirt

The Snow Field- Wolf in Frame jsk
bags 3
Bags-  Offbrand cat bag, Bodyline bag, Angelic Pretty Cady Sprinkle bag, Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival bag, Angelic Pretty Rose Toilette bag, Pony Replica bag, Usakumya bag, offbrand bag

blouse 1
BtSSB Blouse
blouse 2
AatP blouses
meta blouse
Meta Blouse
coat 1
BtSSB coat
coat 2
Offbrand Sweater
My Headbows- Top row- Air Mail kitty and Wonder Rabbit
Bottom Row- Sweet's Town, Sweet Cream Cat (pink and brown)
Head Accessories
Bows from Mania-Q
Clips from a local artist
Wristcuffs, octopus headband and necklaces/clips
Untitled-2 copy
More head accessories (which some I found I accidentally included twice. Whoops)
misc access 2015

Bows and a cat necklace

shoes 2
Bodyline Shoes
Offbrand shoes
Sweet kitty tights
Mania-Q Sweet Kitty Tights
tights dreamy kitty
Mania-Q Dreamy Cat tights
tights 1
BtSSB- Tights
tights blue
My Dearest Victoria Transformation tights- Blue

tights purple
My Dearest Victoria Transformation tights- purple
tights bunny
Royal Pricess Alice tights
Angelic Pretty cards

MISSING: A few bows and rings, my wigs, a pair of shoes and a coupe of blouses.

That concludes my wardrobe post! Thank you so much for looking, and sorry again about the lateness!

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