Ami (blueringo) wrote in egl,

A Day in Gothic and Lolita Life


7:00 Waking up.
I still would like to sleep a wee bit, but I’m busy with so many things this morning like curling my hair and picking out my clothes. Today I have plans to go to the neighborhood rose park all morning with my friends. I have to hurry and get ready!

3:00 PM Tea.
I will now give instructions on how to make delicious black tea. First, measure out the tea leaves accurately. Put a cup and 3 grams into the pot. Pour in hot water all at once (1 cup is about 150cc). Let it steam for 3~5 minutes, pour in a cup and enjoy.

4:00 PM Practice.
Today is violin practice day. It’s been a year and a half since I started learning, but I can finally play Bach’s “Aria in G.” Next month is my first recital, so I have to practice with all my might!

6:00 PM Helping out.
I’m making dinner with mama. I’m in charge of making dessert. Today’s dessert menu is “Orange Soufflé.” To make it taste fluffy, the key point is to whip the meringue well.

10:00PM Reading before bed.
The thing I always do before bed is put up my hair in twists and tie with a ribbon. Doing my hair is a habit, so I can curl my hair easily. After that is reading time. I’m reading “Sewing Machine” by Nobara Takemoto.


6:00 PM Waking up.
The drink I have when I open my eyes is tomato juice. After being awake for awhile, I don’t feel like doing anything. I don’t really have to do anything today either. I might watch “Dracula” that I just bought at the horror shop yesterday, or something.

10:00 PM Getting ready to go out.
The video’s over, so I guess I’ll go out. I’ll wear the clothes I just bought from my favorite shop, “Baby Doll.” Which should I wear, the fake leather blouse or the leather (?) jacket? Hey, Porno, which do you like?

0:00 AM Wandering around.
The style for going out tonight is decidedly the goth madam style. Underneath the jacket is, of course, a corset attached making my waistline beautiful. The night air feels good, so I guess I’ll see if I can carry my feet to the Aoyama Foreigner Cemetery.

2:00 AM Midnight dinner.
Tonight’s menu is spam, pickles, and pickled beets. I’m a little tired, so let’s get this over with easily. However, I will only do the table setting nicely. Light the candles on the 3-candle holder… Bon appetit.

5:00 AM Tarot fortune-telling.
It’s getting light outside the window. It looks like night is clearing. Well, I guess I have to sleep. But before that, I’m going to try and see tomorrow’s luck with my tarot cards. The card I got was the “Empress” right side up. It looks like tomorrow will be another good day.
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