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Arrr, me buckos! 2015 Pirate Lolita Wardrobe

I've attended various conventions for years. One of the things I love most is seeing what people dress up as. I especially admire steampunk and gothic lolita because they're so dramatic and awesome with all these little details to look at. This year I decided I want to dress up, too! I want to do pirate lolita with gothic and steampunk elements thrown in. I also enjoy elegant and aristocrat styles. I'm still building my wardrobe, but here's what I have so far.

blouse: Alice and the Pirates
jsk: AATP gathered chiffon

I still need to get a mini tricorn hat, shoes, and bag.

hat, blouses, pants: AATP
striped tights: Uniqlo
white tights: offbrand

I really like separates! Still need to get shoes, bag, Victorian cane, and maybe another taller top hat.

AATP Catholic nun OP and headdress
tights and shoes: offbrand

Mostly complete outfit. Forgot to add the white BTSSB Alice big clock bag. Just need a big, golden rosary.

AATP Last note~faint spring song jsk, bonnet, and choker
tights: BTSSB
shoes: Poetic License

I just need a long, curly white wig. Will wear the BTSSB white clock bag.

Innocent World, BTSSB, BTSSB

Some blouses I got to coordinate with my jsks. Not sure I'll use them with the jsks I have now, but will come in handy for future outfits.

tights, otks: all BTSSB or AATP

Black choker necklace: h.naoto
the rest: offbrand

This year, I want to try out other brands. I also want to add more color, like a rich blue and deep purple. I've really enjoyed viewing everyone's wardrobe and learning about other brands!

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