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Sailorenceladus Wardrobe Post 2015


Hey everyone! I'm Ronnie, aka sailorenceladus. Welcome to my first wardrobe post! It's quite photo heavy and probably best viewed in a new tab.

My style is all over the place! I like to switch it up depending on my mood, so I have lots of different styles in my wardrobe. It's somewhat difficult to maintain, but it's definitely worth it to me because it's so much fun to have such a wide variety in my closet. I've tried arranging my photos in each general category from darkest to lightest to give somewhat of a rainbow effect. I hope it worked!

This year's post was quite a challenge for me! Due to lack of any better options, these photos were all taken from my cellphone camera. Certainly not perfect, but I think they turned out alright, for the most part!

With all of that out of the way, on to the good stuff!



Alice and The Pirates La Traviata ~The Time this Flower Dies~ JSK in Black
Starting this off with one of my favorites! I love the double corset lacing and the gold detailing.
Angelic Pretty Lucky Key Highwaist JSK in Black
Probably my most versatile dress due to all of the gorgeous colors on it.
Emily Temple Cute Parfait JSK
A cute and casual dress for all of my cute and casual dress needs.
Alice and the Pirates Chain Bouquet Long JSK in Black x Blue
I was so happy when I found this one as I'd been searching for it for months. I love the hanging chain at the top, I wish my photo showed it better!
Angelic Pretty Candy Sprinkle JSK/OTKs in Black
This dress is just so whimsical and fun that I couldn't resist. Plus, it has pockets.
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Fragrant Rose Memories Camelot JSK in Black
Definitely in my top three favorites. I can't believe I found it in my favorite cut and color! I love how the pastels and jewel tones stand out against the black.
Moi Meme Moitie Iron Gate JSK in Black x White
#1 favorite dress in my wardrobe, my ultimate dream dress. It actually arrived to me in the mail on my birthday, so I wore it out that night. Words cannot describe how much I love this dress.
Angelic Pretty Misty Sky JSK Set in Black (JSK, Parka, OTKs, Crew Socks in Black, Necklace, Ring, and Bracelet in White)
Another top three dress. I...have a bit of a Misty Sky obsession. Whoops. It's taken me months to find all of the pieces in this set. I'm still hunting down that ribbon clip and scrunchie.
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Cherish My Juicy Cherry JSK/Headbow in Black
I got this at a swap meet. It's so cute!
Moi Meme Moitie Harpsichord Trio OP in Black x Blue
By far my most comfortable dress. It even looks soft in the picture, and trust me, it totally is.
Angelic Pretty Cosmic JSK in Navy
My amazingly awesome sister got this for me for Christmas after I'd been wanting it for ages. I was so happy when I opened it up. Don't worry, I gave her a Juliette et Justine dress and Innocent World coat in return. Having a lolita sister is the best thing ever!
Axes Femme Witch Town JSK in Navy
Not exactly lolita, really more otome, but I wanted to include it because I love it so much.

Metamorphose Dim Light OP in Navy
I wish I could wear this more often because it's so beautiful, but since it's so heavy it's tough to wear in California. Luckily, I'm moving to the East Coast in a few months. Maybe I'll finally get some chances to wear it!
Peppermint Fox Crowning Glory JSK/Barette in Navy
An impulse buy I haven't regretted for a second and never will. This dress is perfect.
Jane Marple Royal Order JSK in Green
I just got this in the mail and am so glad I could include it. I'm really obsessed with this dress. The "For Everlasting Memories" belt is my favorite touch. JM dresses are so detailed!
Angelic Pretty Wonder Queen JSK in Green
Another piece I think is really versatile because I can wear it in many different styles depending on what I coordinate it with.

Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern JSK in Red
I wear this dress all the time because it's so comfortable and black x red is my favorite color combination. I'm mad that I couldn't get a better photo of this. Oh well. Stupid cellphone camera.

Alice and the Pirates Black Cat, Witch, and the Apple Tree JSK/Headbow/OTKs in Red
More black x red goodness. Such a spooky print.
Alice and the Pirates Queen's Coach JSK/Headbow/OTKs in Red
Probably the dress I've worn the most.
Alice and the Pirates Galactic Journey to the Stars JSK in Lavender
This was my first "ultimate dream dress". I absolutely love everything about it.
Angelic Pretty Midnight Masquerade OP/Choker(Pictured Below) in Black x Lavender
My fanciest dress by a landslide. I wore this for an Angelic Pretty event with RinRinDoll and got featured in Gothic and Lolita Bible. Woohoo! I don't know when I'll muster up the energy to wear this again. It's so incredibly hard to maneuver in. Worth it!
Angelic Pretty Sweetie Violet JSK in Lavender
I've wanted this dress for ages and it just got here a few days ago! I'm so happy, it's so cute in person.
Alice and the Pirates Alice's Tear Bottle Ribbon Tassel JSK in Sax
My first ever dress. I bought it at BTSSB San Francisco along with a skirt. It means the world to me.
R-Series Luna in the Sea OP/Tights/Wristcuffs/Barette in Sax
I originally intended to only get the dress and no accessories. That didn't happen.
Angelic Pretty Promenade de Paris Round JSK in Mint
Sentimental story time: when I was first walking into BTSSB San Francisco the day I got my first dress, I was really nervous. But then I saw a girl walk downstairs in this dress, and she just looked so cute I knew I had to try. When I finally got this it was a really special feeling. Cheesy, right?

Angelic Pretty Honey Cake Tokyo Special Set JSK/Headbow/OTKs in Pink
The dress I thought I'd never find.
Angelic Pretty Chocolate Rosette JSK/Headbow in Ivory
The only dress with browns in my wardrobe, so it's a challenge for me to coordinate at the moment. I'm really looking forward to trying some new and different things with this dress!
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Labyrinth in the Reminiscent Mirror Elaine JSK/Tights in Ivory
My most delicate dress. The print is breathtaking.


I don't really wear skirts, so I don't have too many. Might as well incude them, though!

Angelic Pretty Marionette Doll Skirt in Black x Red
Black x red is my favorite color combination, as stated above. When I saw this for a great price, I just had to get it.
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Rainbow Prism Sweet Alice Skirt in Sax
I got this along with Alice's Tear Bottle at BTSSB SF, so it too was one of my first pieces.
The Floral Notebook Tiered Underskirt in Black
Just for that extra ruffly goodness.



Chess Story, DreamV
I don't really wear a lot of white or ivory, so I only have these two light blouses. I probably should get some more this year.
Angelic Pretty, Chess Story
I love pink!
Dear Celine, The Floral Notebook
I ordered the Dear Celine blouse thinking it would be a light dusty pink, as the stock photo showed. I was in for quite a shock when I opened up the package. Unless you want a mauvey-lavender blouse, beware of getting this one.
Axes Femme, Dear Celine
The Axes Femme blouse is by far my favorite blouse. Church embroidery, melty moons, and corseted cuffs? Uh, yes please.
Metamorphose, Juliette et Justine
My two oldest blouses. Hooray for old school!
Angelic Pretty, Boguta
Because, look at those sleeves.



Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty
The cutsew blouse shouldn't be in this section, but I wanted to put it next to something else so I stuck it here. As for the Kirameki Star Riders jacket, I want to wear this with almost everything I own.
Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty
Does the parka look navy in this picture or is it just me? It's black, I promise.
Axes Femme, DreamV
Yeah, I really need more cardigans.
Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Great for witchy evilness.
I found this at a vintage shop in London and knew I couldn't leave without it. According to the shopkeeper, it's a King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery Cavalry Tunic. I'm honored to be able to wear something that was in a war!



From top to bottom, left to right:
Handmade, CiciWorks, Handmade, Souffle Song, Handmade, Angelic Pretty, Moi Meme Moitie, Metamorphose, Ciciworks, Handmade, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, EJPCreations, Peppermint Fox, Alice and the Pirates, Something Neat, Handmade, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, R-Series
That was quite the wall of text. Want clarification? Just ask.
Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty, R-Series, Sweet Mildred
More random things.
Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Lief, Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Miscellanious goodies.
Peppermint Fox, Peppermint Fox
I just had to give these cuties their own photo. I mean, look at them! They're adorable.
Vivienne Westwood, Vivienne Westwood
I fell in love when I saw these at a department store in London. I love Saturn. Thus, a love for Vivienne Westwood began.
Handmade, Cute Can Kill, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Chocomint
Those cupcake earrings up top were a gift from my father. He told me that when he saw them at a craft fair, they reminded him of the dresses I had. How sweet! No pun intended. (Okay, maybe a little.)
Angelic Pretty, Handmade, Juicy Couture
Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright
The choker that goes with Midnight Masquerade is on top.



Angelic Pretty x3
I'll start off this section with my favorites, the Mercator Antique Shop OTKs. As soon as I saw them I fell in love. I just had to get a few colors for myself.
From top to bottom, left to right:
Angelic Pretty, Offbrand, Offbrand, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Putumayo, Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Moi Meme Moitie, Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty
Can you tell I like dark legwear?
Offbrand x4, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, PredatorRat, Angelic Pretty, Alice and the Pirates, Alice and the Pirates
Those PredatorRat socks are the probably one of the cutest things I own.
Angelic Pretty, Grimoire Verum, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, R-Series, Alice and the Pirates, Madame Chocolat
Tights photo! I've folded them like this for ease of viewing. Unfortunately, it was not so much ease of folding. Ouch.



Clockwise from top left:
To Alice, Coach, Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Vintage, Stefani
I love shoes.
Clockwise from top:
Colorful Shoes x3, Offbrand
After I found those cute silver shoes, I discovered they were a bit big on me, so my sister added those silver laces so I could tighten them. Cute and practical!
Clockwise from top: Louis Vuitton, Betsey Johnson, Kate Spade, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Emily Temple Cute, Angelic Pretty
That LV wallet is my favorite thing ever. It has flowers that have little smiley faces in the center. So darling!


milky cross
Angelic Pretty Milky Cross JSK in Lavender
holy cross
Angelic Pretty Holy Cross OP in Red
knit cardigan with fur
Axes Femme Knit Cardigan with Collar in Wine
antique beast black cat headdressgold chandelier otkssilver chandelier otks
Antique Beast Bat/Cat Headdress and Alice and the Pirates Chandelier OTKs in Black x Gold and Black x Silver
middle earth spring dream corsetmiddle earth spring dream skirtantique cross tights
Triple Fortune Middle Earth Spring Dream Corset/Skirt Set in Pink and Triple Fortune Antique Cross Tights in Pink
I've been waiting for this dang Triple Fortune set for 8 months now. I hope it gets here before I move. Urk.


Thank you so much for looking at my wardrobe post! I really appreciate it. I've greatly enjoyed seeing everyone's wardrobe posts here on EGL. I'm looking forward to a great 2015 in lolita. Thanks again, and have a wonderful day!

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