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February Monthly Theme - Dress Me Up

With the success of last year's February theme, we're happy to have our Dress Me Up theme back for a second time! This month, we're building on January's "wardrobe" theme and helping each other coordinate items from our closets. This is a great opportunity for new lolitas, those with years of experience, and everyone in between to have fun and try something new with their wardrobe!

Here's how this month's theme will work:

Step 1
Copy the form below and fill out the following information:
LJ username:
Link to wardrobe post (or online photo album):
Preferred style:
Other notes: (pieces you're looking to coordinate, styles you're looking to branch into, etc.)
Are you open to people who are not your partner coordinating for you?: (yes or no)

Step 2
Post it in the comments!
Read the following carefully:
If the last comment on the post has a reply, post a new comment. Use this button to create your comment: POST A NEW COMMENT
If the last comment on the post does not have a reply, then post your information as a reply to their comment, using this button: REPLY
This is your partner.

Step 3
Sometime between now and the 14th, come up with a fun coordinate for your partner!

Step 4
Once you receive your coordinate from your partner, take a photo of it! This can either be a worn photo, on a mannequin or laid flat, whatever you're comfortable with.

Step 5
At the end of the month, we'll set up a post for everyone to share their awesome coordinates. :) But feel free to share to the community at any time if you just can't wait until then!

If you spot posts that answered "yes" to "Are you open to people who are not your partner coordinating for you?"- feel free to pitch in and suggest coordinates for them, as well!

Feel free to take a look at last year's Dress Me Up post for some ideas! Enjoy!
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