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A Last-Minute First Wardrobe Post


Metamorphose Sailor Flared OP
I had no idea this dress existed until I saw it for sale secondhand. It was a complete impulse purchase for me, and was both my first Meta item and my first (and still only) OP. It has a removable kerchief collar, and the back bow is huge! I think it’s super cute.

Angelic Pretty Wonder Queen Soldier JSK
This dress features a lot of details that have become repeating themes in my wardrobe: rabbits, keys, crowns, gold accents, military styling... I originally wanted the green colorway, but I couldn’t resist the navy and burgundy together.

Innocent World Rose Stained Glass JSK
I fell for this dress well before I had any real inclination to start wearing lolita. I was lucky to find it a few months ago in exactly the cut (long) and colorway I wanted... and the lovely seller sent me two pairs of socks to match.

Elegy Albino Accord Underbust JSK
Just about every indie release from this past summer ended up on my wishlist, but Albino Accord was the one I pre-ordered. The jackalope made it a necessity.

Baroque Missing Letter Keys and Rabbit JSK
As the rest of my wardrobe can attest, I love both keys and rabbits. As soon as I was familiar enough with lolita to have a wishlist, this was at the top of it. I was lucky to find it in both the cut and color I wanted (I probably would have bought any version that came up for sale).

Alice and the Pirates Clockwork Aristokitty JSK
This was one of the upcoming releases in the GLB that got passed around at the ILD meetup I attended as a newbie. I bought it secondhand about six months later. There is not nearly enough green in lolita.

Angelic Pretty Quartet Chocolat Collared JSK
My first new brand dress! I got it through a shopping service when it recently went 50% off in stores. I’d been wanting to add something musically-themed to my closet. It was a tough choice between brown and ivory, but I went with ivory because it really makes the stripes stand out.

Dear Celine Party in the Forest JSK
This was my first JSK. The forest motifs - deer, squirrels, mushrooms, and acorns - fit in well with my pre-existing style. Also, the pattern is printed to look cross-stitched, which I think is totally adorable.

Lief Gardenberries JSK
I forced myself to miss reserving this dress in favor of Albino Accord, since the reservations happened right around the same time. I picked it up just a few weeks ago, so I now happily own them both.

Alice and the Pirates Royal Crown's Tea Package JSK
I’m a huge fan of plaid, and also the multiple hats in this series (a beret and a boater). This dress has random mint-colored accents, which is pretty great.

R-Series To My Lovely Glutton JSK
This was my first new dress, and I’m still not entirely sure why I chose to buy it. It was pretty far out of my comfort zone in terms of color, cut, and theme. I have no regrets, though I may someday replace those goofy ribbon straps...

Magicatstreet Summer Dream JSK
The construction on this is pretty great, especially considering it came from a then-unknown Taobao brand. I was very pleasantly surprised. The straps are extremely short, though. I’ve bought some matching ribbon and lace to add length.


CEL St. Augustine’s Abbey
At some point i started getting bitten by the gothic bug. This skirt is my first foray over to the dark side. I love how many different color options I have for coordinating this print.

Bodyline L120
This skirt was my first lolita purchase. I joined a group order through my comm, and received my part of the package during our ILD meetup, June 2013. I had to re-sew all the buttons on the corset bit, but otherwise this is a pretty solid bit of Bodyline.

Dear Celine & Little Dipper
I'm on the tall side, so I really appreciate underskirts! I want more colors...


Innocent World & Angelic Pretty

Dear Celine & HMHM

Best Wish


Strawberry Witch

Little Dipper


L-R: Bodyline x3, offbrand, Sosic Shop, offbrand x3, Antaina x2, offbrand


First Row: BtSSB, AatP, Teja Jamilla x2, Baroque, Mu-fish, Ophanim
Second Row: IW x2, Baby Piggy x2, AatP, AP, Mu-fish

I have a lot more pairs of tights and socks than this, but most are a bit too plain to bother photographing (or are just ridiculously unloliable).


AatP, Elegy, Meta, Rococo Soul, Baroque, Magicatstreet, Kira Kira x2, Ecailles De Lune, Elpress L, offbrand


Elpress L, Smoky-i, Kira Kira, AP, Ciciwork, R-Series, Surface Spell, Antaina, offbrand


Earth Music & Ecology, R-Series, Smoky-i, Meta, Akilya, Magicatstreet, offbrand
(I also put the waistband for my Summer Dream JSK in this photo because I forgot it earlier.)


Peppermint Fox, Strawberry Witch, Sweet Mildred, Closet Child, HMHM, Mossbadger, AatP


Closet Child, AP, Pinkyyde, Sweet Mildred, IW, Akilya, offbrand and handmade... larger image HERE.


I-SOS x2, AP x2, Swimmer x2, offbrand


Dear Celine Nightgown
Here’s what I end up buying when I decide to make a Taobao order in December in Maine - a frilly flannel nightgown. I had a tough time taking a decent photo of this thing! It’s massive and reaches my ankles.

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