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Xandra292Lavenderlaceandlilac's 2015 Wardrobe

Xandra292/Lavenderlaceandlilac's 2015 Wardrobe

wardrobe post title FINAL

Picture Heavy Post Beneath the Cut
This Wardrobe Post has been a labor of love that was made possible by my dear friend's Alina and Adam who went to my apartment and photographed the remaining half of my wardrobe while I was out of state for the death of a family member. All the incredibly artistic photos are courtesy of Alina, she is amazing with a camera. The more derptastic photos were taken by yours truly.

I haven't really changed my wardrobe too much over the past year, so for this post we focused on the little details that make each dress so special. My wardrobe is still prodominately jewel tone themed - every time I buy a different color I end up selling it.

Juliette et Justine - Belle Pierreries

I absolutely adore this dress (and pretty much all oldschool JetJ). It combines all my favorite things: chiffon and flocking, intricate motiffs, and jewel tones.

JetJ - Purple Velvet1
JetJ - Purple Velvet - Details1

Mary Magdalene - Farutetto Rerelease

I was so happy this dress was rereleased in purple. The chiffon is so graceful and lovely.

MM - Purple Chiffon Whole1
MM - Purple Chiffon Detail1

Millefleurs - Angel Print JSK II

Millefleurs is such a great brand. but their sizes are so small This was the first piece of Brand I had professionally altred to fit better - best decision ever.

Millefleure - Purple Whole1
Millefleurs - Purple JSK Detail1

Innocent World – Rose Stripped Bouquet

My first Brand Dress - this piece will always have a special place in my heart.

First Brand Full1
First Brand Details1

Krad Lanrete – Le Marriage de Bourgogne

I honestly cannot get over how intricate and detailed this screenprint is. It's absolutely incredible!

Krad Marriage Purple Whole1
Krad Marriage Purple Details1

Baroque – Kingdom of Lolita

Baroque Purple Skirt Full1
Baroque Purple Skirt Detail1

Lady Sloth – Autumn Flowers

Lady Sloth Skirt Full1

Dear Celine  – Oil Painting Jsk

DC Floral Full1
DC Floral JSK Detail1


Krad Lanrete – Mozarabic Chant

One of my favorite dresses. The quality of this dress is JetJ worthy - still hands down the best dress I have ever bought from Taobao.

Krad Chant Teal Whole1
Krad Teal Chant Detail1

Victorian Maiden Rose Flocky

VM Flocky Rose Teal Full1VM Flocky Rose Detail1

Marry Magdalene Farutetto - 2014 Rerelease

MM - Teal Chiffon Full1
MM - Teal Chiffon Detail1

Innocent World - Pamona Jsk

IW - Teal full1IW - Teal Detail1

Millefleurs – Arabesque Jsk II

Millefleurs Teal Whole1
Millefleurs Teal Detail1

Victorian Maiden – Volume Chiffon Teal Skirt

VM Teal Chiffon Skirt1

Krad Lanrete - Lost in Sea Blue

Krad Jellyfish OP whole1Krad Jellyfish OP detail1


Innocent World – Royal Library

Library prints and jewel tones? Be still my heart. I love this print so much, I can't help but have it in multiple colorways.

Royal Library Wine Full1
IW Library Wine Details1

Krad Lanrete – Le Marriage de Bourgogne

Krad Marriage Wine Whole1
Krad Marriage Wne Details1

Kidsyoyo – The Sound of Music Violin Notes Rose Embroidered Velveteen

This was my first ever lolita dress and probably remains my favorite one I own for sentimental reasons. The quality really is spectacular.

Kidsyoyo - Wine Violins Full1
Kidsyoyo - Violin Detail1

Innocent World – Acanthus

One of the best mbok deals I have ever snagged! I still can't wear this dress without grinning now because of it.

IW Ancancia Full1
IW Ancanthia Detail1

Dear Celine Regimental Stripe

Dear Celine OP whole1

Krad Lanrete - Lost in Sea Blue
Krad Jellyfish OP whole1
Krad Jellyfish OP detail1

Emerald Green

Metamorphose Temps de Fille - Dim Light

Finally managed to track this beauty down. I'm now determined to find it in Wine.

Dim Light Whole1
Dim Light Detail Shot1

Innocent World – Royal Library Rerelease

Innocent World Library Green Full1
Royal Library Green detail1

Innocent World – Royal Library Skirt

IW Library Skirt Whole1
IW Library Skirt Detail1

Surface Spell – Hyacinth

One of my top 5 dresses. The chiffon is heavy and the skirt is huge and full. I love this dress so much.

Surface Spell Green Full1
SS Green JSk Details1

Bodyline – Green Skirt

Green Bodyline Skirt1



I adore painting pieces. Particularly since I can pair them with almost any jewel tone chiffon blouse.


Juliette et Justine – Feerie

JetJ Feeirie Whole1
JetJ Feerie Details1

Juliette et Justine – Baiser de l’Ange Robe

JetJ Kiss Whole1
JetJ - Kiss Details1

Juliette et Justine Cadrage Robe

JetJ - Catradge Robe1
JetJ - Catradge Robe Detail1

Juliette et Justine – La Grande Boufe

JetJ - Jesus1
JetJ - Details 2

Lady Sloth – Leda and the Swan

Lady Sloth Lada Full1

Lada Swan Details1


Dark Classic:

I love intricate motifs on black and collect just about anything stained glass.


Alice and the Pirates – Elizabeth Bride of Death

Elizabeth Full1
Elizabeth Details1

Innocent World - Grazia Crown

Grazia Full 1
Grazia Deatail 1

Alice and the Pirates – Masquerade Theater

You can never have too many Phantom of the Opera Prints. Never.

AatP - Pantom Full1
AatP Detail1

Haenuli – Phantom of the Opera

Heanuli Pantom Whole1
Heanuli Phantom Detail1

Lief x Cloud Chamber– Basilica at Night

This is probably one of my favorite dresses in my wardrobe right now. The print is just so incredibly detailed, and I adore the skull motiffs and the colors.
Lief Basilica Whole1

I really can't emphasis how detailed this print is. There are even tiny little skills in the the arches of the Cathedral!

Lief Basilica Details 2

Haenuli – Stained Glass of Saint Giles

Haenuli Stained glass Full1

Heanuli Stained glass Detail1

Baroque – Abandoned Night

The colors in this skirt are so vibrant and bright. I really love this skirt.

Baroque Silent Night Whole1
Braoque Silent Night Detail1

Innocent World – Union Jack

Union Jack Full1
Union Jack Details2

Dear Celine – Velveteen JSK

DC Velvet JSK Whole1

Dear Celine – Chiffon High Waist Skirt

DC Black Chiffon Skirt1

Bodyline – Floral Corset Skirt (I353)

Bodyline Floral Skirt Black1


Light Classic:

When I do pastels on occasion I gravitate towards light blue, rose, and green.


Innocent World – Antique Pansy Jsk

Antique Pansy Whole1
Antique Pansey Detail1

Victorian Maiden – Rose Lace Greeting

VM Anniversary Rose Full1

VM Anniversary Rose Detail1

Juliette et Justine – Petit Jardin de la Fleur

JetJ Green Jsk Full2

JetJ Green jsk detail1

Elpress – Capulet Garden

Elpress JSK full1
Elpress - Jsk Detail1

Metamorphosis – Gobelin Print

Ugh, this dress looks like grandma's couch combined with little House on the Prairie and I LOVE it.

Meta Gobelin Lace Full1
Meta Gobelin Lace Detail1

Metamorphosis – Gobelin Print

Meta Gobelin No-lace Full1
Meta Gobelin No-Lace Detail1

Metamorphose Temps de Fille – Antique Bouquet Frill Ribbon Jsk

Meta Gobelin Full1
Meta Bouquet Details1

Krad Lanrete – Mozarabic Chant

Krad Chant Cream Full1
Krad Chant Cream Detail1

Surface Spell – ?

SS - Pink whole1
SS - Pink Detail1

Bodyline – Floral Corset Skirt (I353)

Bodyline Floral Skirt Cream Full1
Bodyline Floral Cream Skirt Detail1

Bodyline – Bustled Floral Stripe Skirt L444

Bodyline Floral Grey Full1

Bodyline – Blue Roses

Bodyline Blue Floral Full1


Boleros and Vests:

Innocent World Millefeuile Lace Boleros

IW Bolero Whole copy
Innocent Wolrd Boleo vest details copy

Dear Celine and Excentrique Corset Vest
Excintrique and DC Vest copy
Offbrand Vests

Dear Celine Vests, Altelier Pierrot blouse
Altie Pie DC Vests1

I am OBSESSED with chiffon blouses. Seriously, all my blouses are chiffon. I wear them year round regaurdless of the season.

Tops red and purple copy
Tops and blouses 2 copy
Tops Jewel Tones1
Pastel Tops1

Shoe pictures are from last year. I haven't really changed them around.


IMG_5347 copy

IMG_5318 copy

Hair pieces and Hats:
I make all my own hair pieces - I like the customization of match them to an exact outfit. All my hats are vintage.

Hair Pieces

Hairpieces 1 copy
Hairpeices 2 copy
Hair Piece 3 copy

IMG_5225 copy


IMG_5331 copy

crowns and bags copy


IMG_5330 copy


Jewelry 2 copy
Jewelry 3 copy
Jewelry 1 copy

IMG_5336 copy


Not Pictured
The following Item's are not pictured because they are either in the mail, or at the tailor's.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 10.27.59 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 10.25.35 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 10.24.55 PM
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