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Koru's Wardrobe 2015


Hello! This is my first year in Lolita as a friend of mine(kuroeko) got me into the fashion last February. I'm very excited to do my first wardrobe post! Last year was a bunch of experimenting and seeing what styles I liked, and I'm happy to say that I probably have found a style for me! I love ivory and navy/blue pieces, but after last year it's fair to say that I'll just go for whatever catches my eyes. I'm a big fan of border prints and OTT ones, because I love all the little details that go into them!

Since I'm currently in university, my wardrobe is scattered and so I've only been able to take pictures of my dresses and not my accessories(I don't have that many anyways), but I hope you will enjoy going through my wardrobe!

These are in the order that I bought them in!

Currently Owned Dresses

Angelic Pretty Promenade de Paris Halterneck JSK in Pink + Headbow + Tights
My very first dress! It was on sale on AP SF, and I was able to go there and pick it up with friends! The view of the shops on the dress is absolutely gorgeous and I'm actually surprised that this series wasn't more popular. At the store, they also had the matching headbow on sale, so I had to get it! I bought the tights online to match.

Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival JSK in Ivory + Headbow (Tights and wristcuffs not pictured)
First dream dress~ All the unicorns are stunning and I feel like the ivory colorway really gives off the feeling of elegance and poise. It's so nice and muted! Very happy that this is in my wardrobe. I have the ivory wristcuffs and sax tights...somewhere ;;

Angelic Pretty Mercator Antique Shop OP in Navy + Headbow + Celestial OTKs
When I saw this design at first, I was slightly drawn to it, but once I noticed that there were constellations and a glass bottle that said "unicorn tears" I was definitely convinced that I needed this! It's a darker navy than the one in AP's stock photos (wise words: don't trust AP's stock photos) and initially this was going to be my replacement for Crystal Dream Carnival(I started pining after CDC way too late after the hype had already died down from summer haha!). But then...

Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival Premium Set in Cerulean Blue
I'm extremely lucky that I was able to get this on the AP SF site, because there was a problem where there wasn't a section for lucky packs when it released. Originally I wanted the navy colorway of the regular JSK, but I thought why not try the cerulean colorway? Once I tried it on, I fell in love! Crystal Dream Carnival is a really amazing print, and I'm quite fond of the pegasi. Once again, the details blow me away; OTT designs are fantastic!

Angelic Pretty Royal Unicorn OP in Ivory
Did I hear ultimate dream dress? I'm very saddened that I didn't get into the fashion 3 months before I did, because that's when this came out. I saw it around for $420 on multiple sites, and debated getting it, but those were sold before I could get to them. Then, I saw it on mbok, but my budget was limited then and it slipped from my grasp again. It popped up on y! auctions, and I was extremely determined to get it this time. I entered a bid war with another, and I got so anxious that I decided to just BIN this beauty. Although it was a costly mistake to not have gotten this OP when it was at $420, in the end I'm really ecstatic and honored to own this dress. The gobelin is thick and intricate; the designs are as lovely as I thought they would be.

Chess Story Macaron et Madmoiselle JSK in Ivory
Got this to twin with a friend! The fabric is light and very suitable for summer, and the simple cakes are adorable!

Bodyline Heart Biscuit Skirt in Black
One of my first lolita purchases. Also got this to twin with same friend ^^

Sold Dresses
I think it's nice to document my purchases so far in my lolita journey! They've helped me learn, grow, and discover what I really want to have in my wardrobe.

Angelic Pretty Milky Planet Re-release JSK in Pink
At the time I had fallen in love with the beautiful dessert themed print, and would admire it extensively. Then I felt that it was unfortunately too sweet for me, and had my friends take very nice photos of it before I sold it. Looking back on the photos, I'm still very in love with the print and I think if I had the chance, I'd go for the navy JSK instead.

Angelic Pretty Sweet Girl Room OP in Ivory
I was in a weird phase where I somehow really wanted one of AP's sack OPs. Once I received and tried this on, it looked too much like sleepwear and I felt that wasn't how I wanted to look, so I let go of it.

Angelic Pretty Cameo Window JSK in Ivory
I got this in-store at AP SF! I went for the cheaper cut which ultimately resulted in me selling the dress, because even though I really loved the print, the cut wasn't doing it for me sadly. I'd definitely go for the tiered JSK or even the OP in ivory in the future!

All in all, I've decided that from now on, whatever is in my wardrobe will be staying! I'm definitely trying not to resell so much as I want an eternal wardrobe (or until I leave lolita, which is not going to happen for a long time!)

My goals for 2015:
-Get a princess sleeved OP
-Get at least...one non-AP print? If I could, I would sideeye myself, because my wardrobe consists mostly if not entirely of AP and I would like to mix things up. I just really like AP's prints so I haven't looked around as much!

Other than these goals, there's not much on my wishlist that I absolutely want, so I'm glad that I can save my wallet from crying for now. Although, AP's Castle Mirage and Belle Epoch Rose OP are enticing me...

Thank you very much for reading through my first wardrobe post, I wish everyone another great year in lolita!


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