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Lingozero's 2015 Wardrobe Post

After some hemming and hawing, I finally decided to post my wardrobe this year! There's been a lot of changes to my wardrobe (you can see my 2013 post here). After being in the fashion for 7 years, I've finally developed an interest in Angelic Pretty! Starting with Holy Lantern, I've been keeping an eye on any AP gothic styled prints. So without further ado, please take a look at my main pieces (。◕‿◕。)

✿ My Angelic Pretties ✿
Holy Lantern JSK(s)
Midnight Doll JSK
Aqua Princess JSK
Misty Sky JSK
Secret Treasure Box JSK-- This one was my personal alteration from the blue OP!
I installed back shirring with corset from one of the sleeves. My 1st and only altered brand :3

♡ AATP Dream Print ♡
Pirate Alice Print II OP(s)
Pirate Alice Print II JSK
Pirate Alice Print II Skirt

♛ Those Classic JetJ Paintings ♛
Amour d'Amants JSK
Rosary Solennel JSK
Harry Clarke JSK (La Mystérieuse-Rêve)
L'Agneau JSK

♞ Mighty Solid Pieces ♞
Meta Starry Chiffon JSK
AP Twinkle Witch Set
MmM Quadruple Chiffon OP

♤ Ye Olde School Ones ♤
Btssb Halloween Alice Underbust JSK
Aatp Diamond Trump JSK
MmM Victorian(?) OP
MmM Water Print OP

✧ Holy Stained Glass Prints ✧
Btssb Koitsukihime OP
MmM Stained Glass Chiffon OP

✟ Gothic Beauties ✟
Iron Gate OP
Silent Moon OP
Holy Queen JSK
Masquerade Theatre Special Set

☂ Some dresses I've forgotten to photograph (oops!) ☂
AP Melty Ribbon Chocolate JSK in Brown
AATP Alice Print II JSK in Navy
MmM Cathedral Print OP in Black x Silver
MmM Ritual Print JSK in Black x Grey

January is my fave EGL theme and I love looking through everyone's gorgeous collections. I have a Pupe Account in case anyone wants to add me! My Pupe Closet is located here I hope you've enjoyed my wardrobe post! ★~(◡﹏◕✿)


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