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Cadney's 2015 Wardrobe Post

Hello everyone, and welcome to my wardrobe! The major change I made this year was getting more involved with Classic style, though I acquired some very Sweet pieces as well. I hope you enjoy perusing through my wardrobe, and please let me know if you have any questions about my items! All the brushes used in this post are by hanako_lovely on LJ

Let’s start with the Sweeter dresses in my collection.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Star Millefeuille JSK. I have the colourful pastel rainbow one!

Angelic Pretty Dream Fantasy JSK in pink

Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival tiered JSK in ivory

Angelic Pretty Star Night Theatre JSK in royal blue

Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly JSK in mint. I actually just sold this last week, but I thought I would include it anyway since its been such a staple of my wardrobe for so long. I'm sad to see it go!

Angelic Pretty Fancy Box in navy. This JSK is so surprisingly long on me!

Angelic Pretty Candy Treat JSK in black, which I customized with little bows because of undisclosed stains when I purchased it.

Angelic Pretty Milky Planet halter JSK in blue.

Angelic Pretty Milky Planet halter JSK in yellow.

Angelic Pretty Milky Planet halter JSK in pink (I really want to complete this collection and get the black and lavender too!)

Angelic Pretty Sugar Hearts JSK in white

Angelic Pretty Memorial Cake JSK in white

Angelic Pretty Powder Rose JSK in yellow

Dear Celine Sailor OP in navy. I love wearing this to causal gatherings.

And now, my more Classic leaning dresses! I have many different things, but you can see the trend: in Classic, I still really love pink.

Angelic Pretty Cameo Window tiered JSK in ivory

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Maria's Catholic Nun OP in pink

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Fragrant Rose Memories JSK in sepia

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Veronica Elise JSK in pink

Juliette et Justine Orchestre de l'ange OP. I bought this in person; the fit was too flexible for me to resist. I've been working on a coordinate for it since last Anime North!

Juliette et Justine Lapin JSK et Camee in pink

Juliette et Justine Cadre du Chat JSK in pink

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Ave Maria Madonna Lily Medaille JSK in pink

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright The Rose Has a Secret Scent JSK in ivory. One of my favourite pieces. I've never had a dress that fit my body nicer.

On to the large accessories!

This handmade piece was made by Sweet Mildred. Fantastic work!

This is the AAtP Rosier clip. So much detail!

I have lots of jewelry to show you, too!

Let me know if you want to know where any of these jewelry items come from, and I'd be happy to answer.

Next, we have bags and socks

notice my little ditto. I know he's not very Lolita, but I coordinate with him anyway if I can help it.

And my sock collection, incoming! OTKs on the left, ankle socks on the right

Next up, blouses. I've accumulated a lot this year, and I'm quite happy about it. I'm waiting on a couple more hime blouses from Taobao.

BtSSB and Krad Lanrete

Both BtSSB

The 4 following blouses are from Forever 21

Innocent World and Infanta

HMHM and Chess Story

Bodyline, Dear Celine, and Bodyline

My new Innocent World bolero! This just came in the mail today. I'm hoping it will match well with Fragrant Rose Memories.

And next, my shoes! Both Classic and Sweet.

And here's a bit of outerwear! I need some Classic specific outerwear for next year, for sure.

Lastly, my miscellaneous accessories! This is not everything; it's mostly just stuff that I'm especially fond of.

And that's about it! As a bonus, I thought I'd show my little alpaca collection since I often coordinate them with my outfits..

But then the resident demon came and ruined everything. He started stealing them and running away.

Again, if you have any questions about where things come from or where to buy them, I'd be happy to answer. Thank you for looking!

If you're interested in seeing some of my coordinates too, you can check me out on tumblr and instagram:


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