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~2015 Wardrobe of Cats~


It's that time of year again! This year I focused on getting detail shots of main pieces and didn't focus as much on stuff like blouses, accessories, etc. I did however take pictures of all my cat accessories.

The rundown for this year:

17 cat dresses
12 cat skirts
13 non-cat dresses
3 non-cat skirts

plus 9 more (not pictured since I'm lazy) which I'm planning to sell. Let's just say I need more closet space. Or less materialistic hobbies x3

Top 5 Brands: Metamorphose (7), Baby/AatP (7), Angelic Pretty (4), Juliette et Justine (4), Innocent World (4).

This means my wardrobe has literally doubled from last year (21 main pieces). Yay full-time job! The wardrobe is also getting more and more taken over by cats, which is great. Last year cats made up 50% of my wardrobe. This year it's nearly 70%... and more to come.

Angelic Pretty - Cat's Tea Party

As some might say, it's the holy grail for cat lady lolitas. Got lucky and snagged it off Mbok shortly after getting my first paycheck! I made a kitty princess scepter to match for Rufflecon.
ap cats tea party_sm

Angelic Pretty - Vanilla Chan

Last year I had the tiered version of the JSK, but was never happy with the cut. Luckily I just barely manage to fit into the round version :)
ap vanalla chan_sm

Angelic Pretty x Cat Kera set

Ah, the infamous cat set. I missed out on it on Lacemarket the first time but got it the second time! Let's just say, I have this year's halloween outfit planned out already.
ap x cat set_sm

Juliette Et Justine - Le Cadre du Chat

The cat lover's classic.
jetj le cadre du chat_sm

Juliette Et Justine - Chat Tricolore

This JSK makes me this of some weird cross of Easter and Bastille Day. Once I saw the cats in bonnets I knew I had to have it.
jetj chat tricolore_sm

Juliette Et Justine - Noble du Chat

This has gotta be my favorite of JetJ's cat prints (so far) -- old paintings with realistic cat faces -- what's not to love? Just look at the kitty with the bird in its mouth. Just look.
jetj noble du chat_sm

Juliette Et Justine - Sucre du Chat

My latest JetJ cat print. Great for casual wear.
jetj sucre du chat_sm

Enchantlic Enchantilly - Cat-lery Skirt

enchantilly catlery skirt_sm

Enchantlic Enchantilly - Queen Cat Skirt

enchantilly queen cat skirt_sm

Metamorphose - Library Cat

Okay so the real name is Secret Library but I will forever call it Library Cat.
meta library cat jsk_sm

Metamorphose - Card Playing Kitty

meta card playing kitty_sm

Metamorphose - Melody Cat

meta melody cat_sm

Metamorphose - Tartan Cat Applique

meta tartan applique cat jsk_sm

Metamorphose - Original Cat Skirt

One of Meta's earlier cat prints. I didn't even know it came with a matching cardigan until I happened to see it on YJAuctions one day.
meta cat skirt_sm

Metamorphose - Bubble Bath

meta bubble bath skirt_sm

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Salon de Minette

So many little delicate details on this JSK.
btssb salon de minette jsk_sm

Alice and the Pirates - Clockwork Aristokitty

aatp clockwork aristokitty_sm

Innocent World - Classical Cat JSK

I had the skirt version but always wished I had gotten the JSK instead. And one day it popped up on Mbok! It was a hard find because it's somewhat old and not very popular.
iw classical cat jsk_sm

Innocent World - Cat skirt

Still looking for the JSK.
iw cat skirt_sm

Haenuli - Royal Kitten

haenuli royal kitten jsk_sm

Haenuli - Whipped Cream Kitty

I love the colors in this print - they really pop.
haenuli whipped cream kitty jsk_sm

Emily Temple Cute - Cat Note

plus a cameo from my cat, Shin
etc cat note jsk_sm

Emily Temple Cute - Cat Food Skirt

What? Cat food?
etc cat food skirt_sm

Shirley Temple - Leopard Cub

Just look at the little tail!! I didn't even know of this skirt's existence until I happened to see it at Grand Bazaar Lolita in Tokyo. Even though Shirley Temple is a kid's brand, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they also make bigger sizes! No room for hips though, so I have to pull it over my head to get it on...
shirley temple leopard skirt_sm

Infanta - Creamy Cat

infanta creamy cat jsk_sm

Putumayo - Trump Cat

putumayo trump cat_sm

Putumayo - Cat Window (DOL Replica)

I gave up replicas a long time ago but still couldn't bring myself to get rid of this one because it has sentimental value. Eventually I would like to get the real Cat Window print, though.
dol cat window_sm

Offbrand Stawberry Kitten JSK

offbrand strawberry kitten jsk_sm

Higuchi Yuko Skirt

Okay, not exactly lolita, but this skirt is just too amazing to not include.
higuchi yuko skirt_sm

Miscellaneous cat things - from left to right, up to down:

T.U.K. classic cat shoes, Milk cat tank top, Metamorphose heart leopard bloomers (silk!), 2x Higuchi Yuko t-shirts, Lumiebre x Imai Kira teacup cats umbrella

Cat sweaters, from left to right, up to down:

betsey johnson, metamorphose, 2x Forever 21

Cat tights and socks, from left to right and up to down:

Juliette et Justine, Sakizo, Lilly(?), Enchantlic Enchantilly, Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty, Bodyline, Ebay, Grimoire, Swimmer, Juliette et Justine, Ebay, Ophanim, Lockshop

Jewelry and things


All my cat bags. From left to right / up to down:

Acahcuhm Muchacha x2, Offbrand Cat Lady Tote from Anime Boston, Enchantlic Enchantilly, Offbrand Gobelin Cat tote, Higuchi Yuko tote, Offbrand black cat tote, Swimmer tote, Offbrand Cat Gobelin backpack

I think I have too many tote bags. I need more real bags.


Enchantlic Enchantilly collection

I went kinda overboard and bought a lot of the queen cat novelty items.

Higuchi Yuko collection
Higuchi Yuko is probably my favorite Japanese artists. Her style is so creative and whimsical!
higuchi yuko_sm

Acahcuhm Muchacha collection on the left, Sakizo collection on the right.

muchacha sakizo_sm


Contrary to popular belief I also have a lot of items that are not cat-related!

Lief - Sacred Night
Atelier Sucré - Bonnet

One of the most glorious and exquisite lolita prints in existence. I added the gold lace on the bottom for ILD. See it worn here.
lief sacred night_sm

Metamorphose - Velveteen OP

One of my prized possessions :) A real old school piece from 2004, this was a dream dress of mine for several years until it popped up on Mbok last year.
meta velvetten op_sm

In the Starlight - Velveteen Skirt

I've had this for years and don't wear it too often, but I just can't let it go. The embossed velveteen is just so pretty.
its velveteen skirt_sm

Milky Ange - Sailor OP

My dream sailor OP. The ruffles in the back makes it really special for me since I don't usually see sailor OPs in that style. Plus it is a 100% perfect fit!
milky ange sailor op_sm

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Dessert OP (2006)

Another great old school OP. I got this for just $30 at a sale in Closet Child.
btssb dessert op_sm

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Millefleurs JSK

More great old school finds - $30 from Closet Child.
btssb millefleurs jsk_sm

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Mon Petite Loulou

So ruffly! I'm actually thinking of selling this soon since it's not quite my style but I still want to wear it one or two more times because it's just so pretty and hard to give up x)
btssb mon petite loulou jsk_sm

4 o'clock - Golden Godess

One of my more unique pieces since it was made to order by Linda Friesen.
4oclock golden goddess_sm

Offbrand Flower OP

Found in a vintage thrift store in NYC.
offbrand flower op_sm

Innocent World - Original Chocolate JSK

My ultimate chocolate print. After missing it several times on the auctions, I was finally able to get it. I love the tiny gold lettering on the truffles saying "Innocent World - Since 1998".
iw original chocolate jsk_sm

Innocent World - Halter JSK

Wasn't planning on getting it but found it at Rufflecon and fell in love.
iw flower halter jsk_sm

Escailles de Lune - Forest of Pipe Organ

I love pipe organs, plus the name of this print is just great, so I had to get it. It's also the only truly MMM-style piece I own.
escailles de lune forest of pipe organ jsk_sm

Atelier Pierrot - Bustle Skirt

It was always my dream to have a bustle skirt from "the *other* AP"
atelier pierrot bustle skirt_sm

Alice and the Pirates - Melty Mermaid

My first brand JSK. I keep thinking I'll sell it because it's no longer my style, but then I wear it again and can't give it up.
aatp melty mermaid jsk_sm

Angelic Pretty - Dream Sky

Not exactly my style anymore, but this was always a dream dress for me, and it's just so comfy and adorable.
ap dream sky op_sm

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Polka Dot Skirt

One of my first brand pieces. It's not exactly my style anymore but it's just so cute so I can't give it up yet.
btssb polka dot skirt_sm
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