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Lapin Chocolat's 2015 Wardrobe Post

cover 001_副本

This is my first wardrobe post. I 90% winged it when it came to categories, hope you enjoy it anyways!


I've been into lolita since 2012, but I only becamse a daily lolita last year. I hope to keep expanding my wardrobe until I never say "I have nothing to wear" ever again haha. A big thank you to my parents, my best friends, and my boyfriends for supporting my wardrobe this past year. I would have never made it without you guys! Now enought with the sentimental stuff, let's get down to business.



Angelic Pretty
wardrobe 009_副本

wardrobe 010_副本



Angelic Pretty

wardrobe 001_副本
wardrobe 004_副本
wardrobe 006_副本
wardrobe 007_副本
wardrobe 002_副本?

wardrobe 003_副本
wardrobe 006_副本nnn
wardrobe 011_副本
wardrobe 010_副本mmm

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

wardrobe 008_副本
wardrobe 005_副本wardrobe 004_副本j
wardrobe 007_副本cxz
wardrobe 011_副本re

Alice and The Pirates

wardrobe 015_副本

Innocent World

wardrobe 012_副本dggd


wardrobe 012_副本

Chess Story

wardrobe 008_副本fsdf


Angelic Pretty

wardrobe 014_副本

Innocent World


Alice and The Pirates, Innocent World, Angelic Pretty

2015-01-30 wardrobe_副本

Offbrand, Handmade by Doll Antoinette

2015-01-30 wardrobe1_副本


Angelic Pretty

2015-01-30 wardrobe3_副本


Angelic Pretty, Offbrand

2015-01-30 wardrobe4_副本


Angelic Pretty, Baby, Offbrand

2015-01-30 wardrobe2_副本

My categorization sort of gets messy frfom here or on, sorry!

Headbands - Angelic Pretty, Baby, Pixie Bunny, Toki Doki

wardrobe 050_副本

Deco Headbands - Hexenhaus, Bling Up

wardrobe 051_副本

Bonnets - Baby, Reve Lullaby

wardrobe 060_副本

Berets - Baby, Swimmer, Angelic Pretty

wardrobe 049_副本

Headresses - Comissioned, Bella Bows

wardrobe 062_副本


Tea Parties - Angelic Pretty, Emily Temple Cute

wardrobe 037_副本

Heeled - Angelic Pretty, Jellybean

wardrobe 038_副本

Boots - Angelic Pretty, Baby

wardrobe 040_副本
You can see how much I wear the cream Baby boots! They're so comfortable, I feel terrible for wearing them so often. I'll be getting them refurbished soon though!


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

wardrobe 042_副本

Q-Pot, Emily Temple Cute, Milk

wardrobe 043_副本

Modcloth, Nasty Gal, New Look, Betsey Johnson

wardrobe 044_副本

Evil Live, Betsey Johnson, Disney x Loungefly

wardrobe 047_副本


Angelic Pretty

wardrobe 071_副本

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

wardrobe 069_副本

Emily Temple Cute

wardrobe 068_副本


wardrobe 072_副本


Clips/Pins - Shojo Monsta, Dearie, Angelic Pretty, Offbrand

wardrobe 067_副本

Wristwear - Q-Pot, Bling Up

wardrobe 085_副本

Rings - Offband, Bling Up

wardrobe 073_副本

Earrings - Bling Up, AddicTokki

wardrobe 076_副本

Necklaces - Baby, AddicTokki, Bling Up

last 001_副本
The bear pearl necklace by AddicTokki is something very special to me. I was hit with some really bad news that day, so my boyfriend went off and bought it for me as a feel better present! I always wear it when we're out on dates.

Scepters - Bling Up

wardrobe 057_副本

Earmuffs and Scarves - Offbrand, Swimmer, Twinkie Chan

wardrobe 065_副本

Misc. Accessories: Muff, Parasol, Wristcuffs -
Baby, Angelic Pretty, Bling Up

wardrobe 064_副本


Thanks for looking! Sorry for any spelling, grammer and html errors. I'll do better next year!
Feel free to check out my other social networking sites (this LJ one is really just for the Jan theme).

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