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My Sweet ♥ Hime Wardrobe Post (2015 Edition)

I'd like to say my wardrobe is quite a change from last year's (Link here).
I sold things I didn't need, and stopped buying things I wasn't going to wear.
I also got of identical items in different colors (Loris bags, Antaina shoes, etc)

A rough timeline of how my lolita wardrobe used to be:
2010/2011: All Bodyline. I dropped so much money on Bodyline thinking quantity > quality.
2011/2012: Sold almost all of my Bodyline; Started hoarding Dream of Lolita & Oo Jia Replicas.
2012/2013: Sold almost all of my replicas; have almost no Bodyline. Began hoarding Taobao indie brand.
2013/2014: Sold almost all of my Taobao indie stuff; began buying lots of brand. In particular, Angelic Pretty.
2014/2015: Where I am now. Almost all Angelic Pretty. Almost everything in Pink.
Sticking to one colorway is very helpful as I used to buy the same item (Bodyline, Replicas) in EVERY COLORWAY.
I've also learned to like JSK's. Although I still prefer OP's; with the right blouse, any JSK can look just as nice.
Note: You can click on each photo to see the full-sized photo. Now onto my post!:


Angelic Pretty - Princess In Love OP (Pink) ♥ Baby, The Stars Shine Bright - Blooming Fairy Doll OP (White)
Princess in Love OPBlooming Fairy Doll OP

Angelic Pretty - Fantastic Princess OP (Pink) ♥ Angelic Pretty - Proper Girl JSK (Pink)
Fantastic Princess OPProper Girl JSK

Angelic Pretty - Dressy Eternal JSK (Pink) ♥ Angelic Pretty - Party Princess JSK (Pink)
Dressy Eternal JSKParty Princess JSK

Angelic Pretty - Lacey Ballerina JSK (Pink) ♥ Angelic Pretty - Dream Doll OP (Pink)
Lacey Ballerina JSKDream Doll OP

Angelic Pretty - Petite Tiered Rose JSK (Pink) ♥ Baby, The Stars Shine Bright - Heart Flocky Ribbon JSK (Pink)
Petite Tiered Rose JSKHeart Flocky Ribbon JSK

Angelic Pretty - Twirling Kurukuru Ribbon OP (Pink) ♥ Angelic Pretty - Lady Rose OP (Pink)
Twirling Kurukuru Ribbon OPLady Rose OP

Angelic Pretty - Powder Rose OP (White) ♥ Angelic Pretty - Ice Cream OP (Pink)
Powder Rose OPIce Cream OP

Angelic Pretty - Proper Girl OP (Black x Pink) ♥ Infanta - Velveteen Chandelier OP (Black x Pink)
Proper Girl OPVelveteen Chandelier OP

I suffered severe disappointment when BtSSB's Blooming Fairy Doll was so incredibly light.
I figured it to be at least as heavy as AP's Princess in Love. Nonetheless, I still seek it in pink.


White Moon Lolita - Chocolate Strawberry JSK (Pink) ♥ Bodyline - Maid Outfit Costume 574 (Pink)
Chocolate Strawberry JSKMaid Outfit Costume 574

The White Moon they customized longer so it wouldn't be midthigh on me. Bodyline's maid outfit? No hope x.x


Angelic Pretty - Whimsical Vanilla Chan (Pink) ♥ Angelic Pretty - Hime Princess Coat (Pink)
Whimsical Vanilla Chan CoatHime Princess Coat

Dear Celine - AP Replica Dolly Short Coat (Pink) ♥ Dear Celine - Bunny Capelet Coat (Pink)
AP Replica Dolly Short CoatBunny Capelet Coat

Although I don't wear the bunny coat with lolita, I wear it with "regular" clothes; it's so versatile ^^


Angelic Pretty - Whimsical Vanilla Chan Capelet (Pink)
Whimsical Vanilla Chan CoatWhimsical Vanilla Chan Coat

When I wear this coat, I never attach the capelet. It just adds too much bulk >.<


Chess Story - BtSSB Replica Princess Chiffon Dress Blouse (Pink) ♥ White Moon Lolita Blouse (White)
Chess Story Princess Chiffon Dress BlouseWhite Moon Lolita Blouse

AP Dressy Eternal JSK w/ Chess Story Blouse (Pink) ♥ AP Proper Girl JSK w/ Chess Story Blouse (Pink)
AP Replica Dolly Short CoatBunny Capelet Coat

I amputated the bows from Chess Story's blouse because the organza ribbon didn't look nice.
I wore that blouse under almost every JSK I had worn this past year, it's just so lovely ♥
I haven't worn that White Moon blouse since I sold my other version of the Choco Strawberry by White Moon.


Angelic Pretty Cutsew (Pink) ♥ Offbrand "Cats Are Angels in Disguise" Cutsew (White)
Angelic Pretty Pink CutsewCats are Angels in Disguise

This is where I learned that no blouse or top by AP will ever fit me properly due to my height...


Leg Avenue on Top of 2x VictorianGirlDress (Pink) ♥ 2x VictorianGirlDress Pettis (Pink)
VictorianGirlDress PetticoatsVictorianGirlDress Petticoats

Closest thing I will ever have to a lolita skirt. I love skirts, just not in lolita (I prefer dresses).
Also have VictorianGirlDress petticoats in white & black, but I don't them now that I have 3 pink pettis.


Angelic Pretty - Frill Mille-Feuille (Pink) ♥ Baby, The Stars Shine Bright - Petit Ribbon Short Umbrella (Pink)
Frill Mille-Feuille UmbrellaPetit Ribbon Short Umbrella
Frill Mille-Feuille UmbrellaPetit Ribbon Short Umbrella

I was extremely disappointed when I saw that AP's parasol was a dusty pink rather than their usual baby pink.
But I was surprised when BtSSB's parasol turned out baby pink as opposed to their usual dusty pink dresses!


Liz Lisa Frilly Hearts Bloomers (Pink) ♥ Offbrand Bunny Pocket Bloomers (Pink)
Lizlisa BloomersBunny Bloomers

Also in black for those day(s) I can't find the pink ones. The bunny pockets are where I keep my pepperspray.


Angelic Pretty - Girly Ribbon Shoes (Pink) ♥ DreamV Yumetenbo - Rose Heart Heels (Pink)
Angelic Pretty Girly Ribbon ShoesAngelic Pretty Girly Ribbon Shoes
DreamV Heart HeelsDreamV Heart Heels

Antaina - AP Tea Party Replica (Pink) ♥ Antaina - AP Tea Party Replica (Black)
Antaina Tea PartiesAntaina Tea Parties

I only wear the pink Antaina's, and they're getting pretty worn out... But I don't want to scuff my AP ones ;-;


Loris - AP Replica Ladder Heart Pochette (Pink) ♥ Liz Lisa - I don't know the name of this bag (Pink)
Loris Heart PurseLizlisa Bag

Severely lacking in this department, considering I only ever wear the Loris one...


In No Particular Order: Bodyline ♥ Angelic Pretty ♥ La Pafait ♥ Offbrand/Handmade/Indie/Taobao

Angelic Pretty - Half Bonnet (Pink) ♥ Sanrio - Hello Kitty Earmuffs (Pink)

I got the AP bonnet to match Pullip Sfoglia's Princess in Love outfit... Didn't look too nice on me x.x


Chess Story - Chocolate Party Apron (Pink) ♥ Angelic Pretty - Fur Muff/Scarf (Pink)
Chess Story ApronAngelic Pretty Fur Muff

The Chess Story apron is so cute, but I have no idea what to wear it with it, so it's just... hanging in there...


Human Hair Blended Wig (Dark Brown) ♥ Human Hair Blended Wig (Brown)
Loris Heart PurseLizlisa Bag

Ahh human hair... Wouldn't settle for anything less unless it was for cosplay.


MA*RS ♥ La Pafait ♥ White Moon ♥ Chess Story ♥ Rococo Soul ♥ Offbrand/Handmade/Indie/Taobao
Giant Accessory PinboardGiant Accessory Pinboard

That's my mess of a pinboard. Most goes unworn. I really dislike jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc).


Meet the family:

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright - Large Usakumya Rucksack (White) ♥ BtSSB - Large Usakumya Rucksack (Pink)
White Large Usakumya RucksackPink Large Usakumya Rucksack

Angelic Pretty - Shy Bear Plush ♥ Angelic Pretty - Lyrical Bunny Plush (Pink)
Shy Bear PlushLyrical Bunny Plush

Usakumya's are actually backpack bags, but I just put them in display (I stuffed their straps inside them o.o)

Not Photoed:

Skirts (because I don't own or want any).
Hosiery (I just wear plain white lace or knit tights under every coord).
Novelties (I have a fair amount of GLB's and Pullip Dolls). I also hoard pretty shopping bags.
Terrayla Wardrobe 2015

My dresses being smooshed together onto my garment rack

Goals for 2015:

Stop Impulse Buying - Achieved
Stop Hoarding Multiple Colorways - Achieved

So I suppose my only goals now are to:
Obtain more of my dream dresses (Link here, seriously outdated though)
Buy more stuff... In moderation... And only things I will actually wear.
In particular: More purses, more shoes, and some Angelic Pretty lace gloves!

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