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Xylia-x's Wardrobe 2015

I've had a lot of fun catching up on this year's wardrobe posts! I especially love the increase in indie brand dresses and accessories in everyone's wardrobes!

My wardobe has changed a lot compared to my 2014, 2013 and 2012
wardrobe posts. The biggest differences were discovering amazing indie brands, desgining my own otome/lolita dresses and buying dresses I liked rather than being fixated on having a cohesive collection.

My wardrobe is divided into two sections - lolita dresses are stored on the right side.


 In the image below, hats live on the top row with wigs behind them in pink storage tubs. The second shelf holds my handbags and behind them various boxes containing waist ties, belts, tights and cardigans.



I think dresses are the most exciting part of our wardrobes but I'm sure you've seen multiples of the same dresses this far into the month! I decided to start with my accessories instead to keep it interesting! I found accessories that were well made, cute and original. It was difficult to find products that posessed all three elements.

My necklaces include the brands Sheglit, Disney, Paris Kids (not so great quality), Lunago, unkown taobao brands and Australian brands. The lace rosette and moth brooch are by an indie Japanese brand hilariously titled 'Love Replica'.


Above: closeups of the lacy rosette, my pidgeon ring and budgie/violin necklace. We need more bird theme prints in lolita!

Bellow: Jam or Pains, Tokimeki,
Palnart Poc and Offbrand. I bought the bunny and dodo rosettes at a market in Tokyo and fell in love with the brand.


I received the Qpot accessories below as a gift from my mum! They are photographed with some wristcuffs I bought in Laforet. I bought the tooth ring myself but the black macaron is my favourite item (so cute and halloweeny!).


More accessories! Silver Star, Palnart Poc and unknown. The globe necklace really spins!! The umbrella necklace was a birthday gift. This is followed by my humble Angelic Pretty collection.


I wear a lot of flowers as hair accessories and have accumulated a large collection over the years. Closeups include velvety roses similar to (if not the same as) BTSSB's roses and my favourite purple clips by an Australian brand.

Finally my sweet accessories collection - relics from my brief early days as a sweet lolita. I couldn't quite get the colour scheme to work for me but I think I may have found a way now (black colourways).


The cute macaron necklace is by a Japanese indie brand 'Alluring Ruby'.


I have organised my dresses in colour order with little detail shots here and there. I would have loved to document each one on a dress form with an outfit but with moving to a new place and the size of my wardrobe that was not possible this year. Maybe for 2016. Anyway, I hope this format does the dresses justice!

In clockwise order: Bodyline, Innocent World Heidi, BTSSB Whisper in the Holy Night, Angelic Pretty Cinema Doll.
AP Sweet Cream House. Next to it is a handmade OP I designed - this is the first of the dresses I desgined for myself. The Japanese fabric features cute pastries and cakes and is very thick! I included two pockets, pleats and an accent collar and sleeves although in hindsight I should have chosen a lighter brown. Below follows Jane Marple Alice in Wonderland and one of my ultimate favourite prints by Innocent World - Anniversary Rose. Too bad the construction of the bodice is a horiffically unflattering tube!

Innocent World Cesky Krumlov, Angelic Pretty French Cafe (probably my favourite AP print ever!), Lief Matryoshka, Innocent World Antique Cutlery.dressesnofilter1
Innocent World Versailles Rose, Mary Magdalene Antoinette Fleur which has the prettiest lavender accents pictured below, Innocent World Lotta Revival, Mary Magdalene Petit Fours.
Jane Marple Louis Wain Cats (not sure of the official name). Next is Leur Getter's Rosette jsk. It's the most comfortable otome dress I own. The illustrations and colours the designer uses are a lot more adventurous than ETC which I think maybe plays it safe sometimes. Jane Marple's Wolf and Seven Kids follows and Angelic Pretty's Holy Night Story (my first AP dress).
Krad Lanrete Antoinette


Angelic Pretty Cosmic, Angelic Pretty Fancy Box, Angelic Pretty Milky Planet, Pays des Fees Hot Air Balloon.
Angelic Pretty Honey Cake, Jane Marple Sleeping Beauty, Bodyline. The fourth dress was designed by me! It also fits a full classical puppets petticoat and has pleats and pockets. The fabric depicts a woodland scene and is accented with a teal collar and cuffs. I chose a 3/4 sleeve design which I think is so cute and flattering! I probably wear this dress and French Cafe the most often.
Angelic Pretty Lucky Key, Innocent World Anniversary Rose, BTSSB Operalia, Jane Marple Puss in Boots. dressesnofilter6
Grimoire Zodiac, Rouge Aerie Nightmare Rising, AATP Guilty Meltin Sweets Town, Jane Marple Royal Library (which looks funny next to the hot mess which is Guilty Meltin Sweets! For some reason I am imagining them personified, JM looking unimpressed to be situated next to that messy AATP dress :P)
Angelic Pretty Loyal Rosette (which I am now growing tired of and now see as thematically boring and crowd-pleasing. I sold chocolate rosette for similar reasons and will probably get rid of this one soon), AATP Maleficent, Sheglit Misty Forest, Innocent World Grazia Crown.dressesnofilter8
Innocent World Versailles Rose, Innocent World Puppy.
Emily Temple Cute Perfume Bottle, BTSSB Labyrinth.
Cherry Chiffon dress handmade/designed by me, Jane Marple Musical Note, Innocent World Puppy, Innocent World Rococco Rose Border. dressesnofilter11
Angelic Pretty Lady Rose, Angelic Pretty ??
Angelic Pretty Sweet Girl Room. The next jumperskirt was also designed by me and I'd love your thoughts on it via comment or PM! The fabric matches a lot of my wardrobe. I also added the convenience of pockets again! Plus bunnies!dressesnofilter13
Handmade/Designed by me, Metamorphose Kimono, ETC Lucky Pack, MILK Onepiece dress gifted to me by a lovely friend who moved to the UK.   dressesnofilter14

AATP Queens Coach, Jane Marple Royal Stamp, Innocent World Charles Crown, Angelic Pretty French Cafe. dressesnofilter15
Angelic Pretty Wonder Party, Innocent World Damascene.dressesnofilter16
Angelic Pretty Scallop, Handmade by me, Juliette et Justine Cadre du Chat (I've sold most of my JetJ collection because their designs were moving away from the lolita aesthetic, lacked original art and cuteness), Ista Mori Nameless Poem (I caved).
Angelic Pretty Toy Parade which I bought in a moment of Sweet Lolita nostalgia. It was a great price at Closet Child - surprising because I remember how expensive this used to be on the second hand market. I also got a matching bow from the re-release (not pictured) and a little star clip.

toyfantasy insert

Lady Stoth, Innocent World Ashley, Sheglit blazer layered over dress, Miss Point. dressesnofilter17


My old wardrobe had enough space to hang up my blouses and dresses. Blouses now sit neatly folded in the middle section drawers which is a huge feat because I hate folding! The first drawer contains light coloured and chiffon blouses. The newest one has the tags on in the front - it has the cutest embroidery on the collar!

Brands include BTSSB, Innocent World, AATP, Axes Femme, Wonder Rocket, Krad Lanrete, Little dipper, Angelic Pretty and Bodyline.



Boleros sit in the next drawer down. I also wear a lot of cardigans which I documented last year in this image.


Headbows sit next to the boleros.



Special/delicate shoes sit at the bottom of the wardrobe while the others are still boxed up in a spare room!


Socks and tights are stored in a box which is at full capacity at the moment! This is why my thicker tights and socks are stored in a box on the second shelf. Another major change in 2014 was becoming a Japanese brand distributor which exposed me to many cute new tights and otks designs, my favourite being Eine Lilie's Umbrella and Snail tights. Meeting designers also made me understand and appreciate indie brands so much more.


A final glance at the top two shelves! My little triple fortune bonnet sitting in the top right along with vintage and new hats, berets and my Evil Live heart bag.

Hats and Bags

Thankyou so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed my post and would love to hear your opinions on my accessories and handmade stuff, or anything you found interesting in general.

I also live on instagram, blogger and tumblr

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