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2015 First Wardrobe Post ^_^ - Fluff and Memories

After a few years of being in Lolita, finally got up the courage to post my wardrobe. However, I wanted to do so because honestly, everything I own is associated with some very happy and/or amusing memories or events in my life (at least to me XD). As such, I wanted to share my pieces and my experiences with them (you can always skip the descriptions and just go for the pics XD) Not going to cover all the pieces; going to limit it to the dresses and skirts this time (I have more stuff, but not that much time to do this, with work and insane family). New at this, and I only really had my extremely purple room to work with, so please bear with me ^_^; It's also kind of long, apologies ^_^;

Without further delay, let's jump right into the stuff!


Moi meme Moitie Clergy OP in off-white (still unsure if Clergy is the official name for this one, but someone once told me that it was, just a warning.) One of my favorite summer pieces to wear, and my very first MmM piece. I usually wear an underskirt with it though, since the front is shorter than the back. I once wore it to a meetup in like 85 degree weather and turned out fine XD As a previous poster mentioned, it does have pockets and beautiful pearl buttons, as well as a pewter rose cross sewn to it ^///^

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Queen of Snow ~The Fairy Descending from the White Lands~ OP in sax
A friend of mine actually helped me buy this; it's one of 2 dresses in my wardrobe that is based on a favorite fairy tale of mine, "The Snow Queen". I always loved the bond between Kai and Gerda in the original story and how much she went through to save him. It's also my fanciest dress, very beautiful and flowing, and the snow lace on the hem is adorable. Still waiting to wear it during the winter though; it's always way too cold. -_-

Alice and the Pirates Mermaid in the Jewelry Box OP in sax
Had to double up some pics due to a limited amount of time, sadly. The Mermaid Jewelry Box dress is another favorite summer dress to wear; it's wonderfully light with thin waist ties. I'm a Pisces, so when it first came out I felt kinda compelled to get it (ended up getting it second-hand, but still in awesome condition). Even without being a Pisces, I have always loved being near the ocean, even worked for a time at an aquarium, so anything sea-themed is special in my eyes. I also liked how it's based on a quote from Midsummer Night's Dream, that was interesting to learn ^_^
Alice and the Pirates Beauty and the Rose Promise OP in bordeaux
The Beauty and the Rose Promise dress is the second dress based on a favorite fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. The Disney film was actually the very first Disney movie I'd ever seen, and I fell in love with the story and the characters, still love them now. It's just a very beautiful story, original or Disney version. I also loved the deep red of it and how light it is. Something very great about this dress is that it can take rain or washing pretty darn well! : D

Innocent World Renoir OP in old rose.
This is officially my favorite dress, as well as my only IW OP and the only pink item I own. I fell deeply in love with the style and the color, so I looked everywhere for it until I could buy it. It's also very special to me because the artist Pierre Auguste Renoir is not only my favorite, but he and I also share a birthday, February 25th. The story behind getting it is also very interesting; I bought it second-hand for $225 exactly. Soon after, I also realized I had no hair accessories to match, so I went to the mall intending to get something ivory to match. I instead found a rose clip the EXACT color of the dress, on sale for $2.25. I can't even make this up. I now wear it every birthday I can. ^_^

Bodyline Princess OP [L388] in black (modified)
My first princess-type dress; since at the time I had mostly been into gothic lolita I decided to get it while I could. I liked that the sleeves could detach, and the fluffiness of it is just wonderful. I actually wore it one Halloween, as a lolita version of the goddess Persephone, and modified it slightly by adding silver glitter to it. I ended up with glitter all over the house, but it was worth it. ^_^

Bodyline L088 OP in black
This is my very first Lolita piece ever; I think I got it back in 2006-2007. If worn with a jacket, because of the details of the skirt part, most people think it's a princess dress. I remember trying it on with my best friend, since she has a full mirror and I was stunned by how it looked on me. For someone who wears nothing but sweatshirts, jeans and sneakers, it was a pleasant surprise. : D As such, my Lolita adoration took off (although I credit Malice Mizer with getting me into the fashion in the first place). Because of the fluffy chiffon-like decoration on the skirt, I nicknamed the dress "Layer Cake". ^_^

Bodyline L176 OP in black
A favorite piece of mine to wear, I actually once wore this for my first International Lolita Day meetup. I also wore it to my first trip to the Sanrio store in Times Square, that was a fun day. Bought a mini Chococat ^_^ It comes with a matching hat as well, which I can use with other coords, as it's totally black, with lace and a single black rose on it. I also took my LJ name from this dress, due to the black rose lacing and buttons on it.

Bodyline Antique Clock OP in gray
When this first came out, I couldn't afford it, and was kinda sad, since I love clocks and many archetypes of Time. Fortunately, the price finally lowered and I was able to grab it ^_^ I was worried the shirring would make me look horrible, but it actually turned out looking nice; it's incredibly comfortable to wear. This dress is special in that I wore it when I went to karaoke for the first time. I don't think I'm a good singer at all (my older sister got our mother's voice, I got her drawing skill), so the idea of karaoke was somewhat frightening, even if I went with my other lolita friends, who are always amazing. However, it looked fun when they did it, so I gave it a try. I sang My Chemical Romance's "Helena", and "Phantom of the Opera" with another girl. To my shock, they actually liked my singing. The experience honestly made me feel so happy, I can't even explain it. I still don't think I sing well, but it was a beautiful event for me, and I won't forget that.

Bodyline L392 OP in purple
I had nothing purple at the time, so when this showed up on Bodyline, I grabbed it as fast as I could. It's surprisingly heavy, but still a nice spring dress. I honestly love the black embossed roses on the entire dress, it's beautiful to look at. I wore it to my first swap meet, and actually sold a shirred corset to a random lady who was interested in the clothes we were all selling/trading! It was interesting, but I was glad that the woman enjoyed our items and genuinely wanted the corset ^_^
Bodyline Anchor Stripes [P128] OP in black
A friend of mine was into Sailor Lolita items and she pulled it off so well I wanted to try. I had originally wanted the blue version of the dress, but they had sold out, so I bought black. The stripped bodice is actually a separate piece that zips up the side. The chains on it are also removable if needed, as is the anchor charm necklace; the back is also shirred for comfort. I once wore it to a beach festival where people were dressing up as sailors or sea creatures ^_^ It was a great day, but unfortuately I forgot what wearing black in blazing sunlight does XD

Haenuli Angel of Music OP in white
My latest piece. I have always been a huge fan of Phantom of the Opera, both the musical and the original novel. My sister was always playing the soundtrack in the house and singing to it (she always made me sing the Phantom's part -_-); it's really an amazing story. As such, I had to reserve this dress; I chose the white colorway because it kind of reminded me of Christine's wedding gown, and also due to the fact that the details were clearer on this version. It's a magnificent piece, very fluffy, comfortable and detailed with shirring; the body of it is more of a cream color while the shirred sleeves are pure white. To be honest, I kind of prefer wearing the sleeves off-shoulder, as on me that looks slightly better XD I intend to wear this next Halloween with a gold half-mask ^_^


Baby the Stars Shine Bright Lucky Pack School Salopette in green tartan
During previously mentioned swap meet, I had brought with me an Innocent World JSK that I intended to trade or sell. At the time, since I needed a casual salopette and was also hoping to get at least one BTSSB piece in my closet, I was able to trade with someone for this one, along with the matching hair ties. It's a beautiful green tartan, and the top is removable so it can be worn as a simple skirt. It also has pockets, which are a wonderful thing ^_^ I usually wear it during the fall, or when St. Patrick's Day comes around. It's a great casual piece though.
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Cinderella Jewelry JSK I in navy
While not one of my favorite fairy tales, although still a classic to me, I fell in love with this particular series and was interested in gaining the JSK in blue if I could. Also, my sister's friend once called me Cinderella after seeing some of the chore lists my sister gives me during the week -_-. I liked how the print has those gorgeous frames with Cinderella's story and the little shoes falling all over it. Someone eventually was selling it on EGL Sales, so I was able to get it, as well as the matching headbow! A funny thing was that it was shipped secondhand from France, where Charles Perrault wrote the modern version of the story; it just struck me as an amusing coincidence at the time. It's a lovely dress in real life, and a delight to have in my closet.

Alice and the Pirates Vampire Requiem re-release in navy
I used to be terrified of vampires, actually, and then after getting into L.J. Smith's Nightworld series and Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, they actually became my favorite supernatural creatures after witches. As such, I wanted at least one vampire themed dress. Luckily, I found this one on EGL sales and got in just in time for Halloween (it's actually my go-to Halloween dress). It's actually missing the eyehook, but fortunately that doesn't cause that much of a problem. I especially love the heavy pewter cross charm on the chest bow, and the rose lace on the dress itself *_* It's definitely in worn condition, but still in good shape. ^_^
Alice and the Pirates Trick Hat, Pricked Heart JSK in cardinal
This was my first AATP piece; I actually have the entire set, minus the jewelry. I had originally intended to get the purple version, but they had sold out by then. I liked the stained glass over the hats; reminded me of old fashioned pubs in a way. The hats also reminded me of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, who is one of my favorite characters. It's nice and light, although the fabric is somewhat prone to snagging. I also unfortunately lost one of the ribbons, literally blew away in the wind. I wore this to another International Lolita Day event, which was being held at a castle at the time. A little girl actually thought I was Red Riding Hood! It was a very cute experience, and I helped her get to the castle too ^////^ I never forgot that at all, it was so sweet.

Alice and the Pirates Ragnarok ~Story of the Final Stage~ JSK in green
My Christmas gift to myself. I love the green colorway, especially because of how lovely the small green roses in the print look. It also makes the god plaques look brighter; the detail work itself is stunning, especially the image of Yggdrasil at the center. Although I've always been a Norse myth fan, I actually got this dress in honor of my late cat; I've had him for 13 years since he was a kitten, and he's always been my closest friend. When he died in November, I can honestly say he went out courageously; he didn't even act in pain or frightened. At the vet his entire attitude was one of "When am I going home for sleep and tuna?" even when he was so sick he couldn't move. I called him my little Viking often, so when I wear this dress, I always think of him and how brave a cat can be. Having him all those years gave me some of the happiest memories of my life.

Innocent World Cherry Cat JSK (Lucky Pack version) in sax
This was from my first lucky pack, and it was also the first item in my wardrobe that wasn't black. XD I was surprised that I actually looked nice in a lighter color, and this got me into getting dresses in different colors, although I mostly go for blue items. XD I love cats, so this was something of a treat to get. The sax is a lovely color, and I liked the simplicity of the lacing on this version of the dress. The dress is shirred in the back and very comfortable; I once wore it when I was sick at a meetup and it honestly gave me no trouble at all. It also came with a small matching hair clip.
Innocent World Extra Dot JSK (long version) in sax
Originally, I had wanted the black version of this dress, intending for that to be my first brand piece. However, someone beat me to it, and I had to wait about a year before I found this sax version. It was my first time getting a longer length piece, but it turned out well with a tea-length petticoat. It's also very light and easy to wear; it also washes well and the polka dots are present but not overpowering. : D I wore this to a meetup, which took place in an Alice-themed place, so it was very fitting ^_^

Innocent World Glitter Seraphim JSK (long version) in ivory
I love the concept of angels and guardian spirits. I first saw this in Kera magazine and honestly loved it, especially in the ivory colorway with the little gold falling stars and the small baby angels on it. I ordered it straight from the IW site; it's usually my go-to Christmas dress. It feels very elegant and beautiful to me.
Innocent World Toy Parade JSK in black
Around one Christmas, I'd heard about a meetup where the theme had been characters from Christmas stories. So I decided to be the Mouse Queen from the Nutcracker; I'd gotten this dress again with the help of a friend, and I liked how the flocky toys on it seemed like they were toys that had come alive and were marching around in the dark, which would fit the Nutcracker idea. I made myself mouse ears, a cape and a crown, but unfortunately I got sick and couldn't go to the meetup. However, I had a fun time working with the dress and the items all the same. It's a pretty versatile and comfortable dress, although it's secondhand and some of the flocky depictions are coming off. Still, it's a very warm dress and easily washable.

Innocent World Carriage Tassel JSK (long version) in purple
Although I mentioned the Bodyline OP earlier, this was actually the first purple item I saw and I really wanted it. However, every time I tried to get it, something came up and I couldn't, even when it went on sale. I honestly thought I was never going to get it, until I saw someone selling both the JSK and the matching headbow on EGL Sales. I love the rich purple color and the smooth tassels. I was also surprised by the little crowns and fleurs on it, which I hadn't really noticed until I saw it up close. It's a lighter dress, so it's better for spring and summer.
Innocent World Antique Playing Cards JSK (long version) in bordeaux
Card games run in my family; it's basically one of the first things you learned as a child in my house. Any time my family got together, all of the adults would go into the kitchen and start playing a cutthroat game of Shanghai, poker or 500. As I got older, my family would bring me into the games as well; I'm notorious for always getting the wild cards. As such, I kind of wanted a card print dress, since those times playing cards, especially with my grandma, were always exciting. I managed to buy this new from Tokyo Rebel in NYC; in my eyes the bordeaux version was the most beautiful. I especially love the gold print on the cards and the deep red set with the pink background on the skirt. I also like how the small bow with the heart charm can be repositioned. ^_^

Innocent World Westminster Abbey corset JSK in navy
I'm a big fan of English history, especially Tudor and Stuart times, and Westminster Abbey is one of the most important buildings in that history, as the traditional place of many English coronations and royal marriages. Also, being a fan of angels and stained glass, I had to get this piece ASAP. I'd never gotten any kind of underbust corset dress before, but was pleasantly surprised when it turned out looking great. The stained glass is beautifully vivid, and the pinstripes are a nice touch. I once wore it during a small college convention where a friend of mine had to present a panel; that actually was fun to try : D This is likely my third favorite dress. ^_^
Innocent World Gargolyes of Notre Dame de Paris Cross JSK in gray
I actually got this dress on a whim; I had been listening to "Hellfire" from the Hunchback of Notre Dame CD and decided to get the dress. XD It's actually a lovely gray color, and the bodice ribbon is adorable. It's also something of a good casual piece; if I need to get to a meetup and am running late, I usually throw this on. I also once wore this for a fashion show at a local sakura festival (the fashion show focused on Lolita fashion primarily ^_^). Another favorite dress of mine.

Innocent World Linderhof JSK (long version) in sax
One of my absolute favorite historical figures is King Ludwig II of Bavaria; I truly admire his work and his life. His smaller palace, Linderhof, also happens to be my favorite of the three he built, so when I learned that this existed I had to get it. However, after buying it, I had misgivings, as the three small bows and intricate flower-like lace seemed a bit too sugary for my taste. As it turned out, when I got it it was not only non-saccharine, it was actually a beautiful dress, and is officially my second favorite. The dress is light and feels so soft, with a cute removable bow. Still not certain what the flower on the lace is, or which part of the palace inspired it.
Innocent World Royal Parade JSK in mint
I saw this in an issue of GLB and wanted it, but I only got it recently (2014). I love the details of the carriages and all the little people parading around on it, but I'm not certain if they're just random people or famous royals XD. Looking forward to wearing it in the spring, and the mint color is so gentle ^_^ However, I noticed that the back seems to lack shirring. I cannot confirm if the shirring was removed, but all the same it fits quite well, fortunately. Another Christmas gift to myself ^_^

Atelier Pierrot Rose Lace Bustle Corset JSK in blue
Another dress bought on whim. I was just drawn to the sapphire color and grabbed it. Turns out it actually matches my Usakyuma mini-mini quite perfectly ^_^ Surprisingly, it can work well in both summer and winter; with layers it's very warm, and in summer you can just wear it with light tights and a chiffon bolero. I also normally use it for my pirate lolita coord, especially since it matches my tricorn, and I can adjust the bustle. A lucky moment I had with this dress was during another college event; during a mini fashion show I was teamed with another girl and, coincidentally, she also chose an Atelier Pierrot dress to model, and hers was red, which created a great contrast with mine : D
Moi meme Moitie Holy Stained Glass JSK in blue
Did I mention I like angels and stained glass? Someone was selling it on EGL Sales and, since this really was one of my favorite MmM pieces ever made, I bought it. According to the seller, there was a slight smudge on the upper part of the skirt, but it's honestly barely visible. I was also thrilled that I could fit into a 68cm waist dress XD It's a beautiful blue, with the stained glass print being a shimmering silver. Still trying to identify the people on it. The only downside is the straps seem too big and keep slipping down. Still a great dress though ^_^

Putumayo Arabesque Velveteen JSK in green
I call this alternately my Loki dress and my Scarlett O'Hara curtain dress XD. It's a nice heavy velveteen, lined and extremely good for the winter. The deep green is beautiful, and I love the gold scroll on the sides, especially since there's small crowns at the heart of the print. The waist ties also have golden yellow tassel-fringe on the edges ^_^ I once wore it for a Loki-Lolita coord, especially because of the bodice chains and how they matched my Loki helmet necklace perfectly. I also partly did it to spite my older sister, who is in love with Thor XD

Bodyline L185 JSK in black
I has actually liked the bustle of this JSK as well as how cheap it was, so I bought it ^_^ I'd also happened to find a mini-hat and black and white diamond socks. With all three, I was able to create a New Year coord : D First time dressing up for New Years, but it was awesome to do! I also like how the white underskirt can be separated and used in other coords; the bodice bow is also removable and can be used with other outfits ^_^

Fan Plus Friend Classic Lolita pleated velveteen JSK in black
I actually found this on Etsy for just $45 with shipping XD I was in need of some winter dresses, but was strapped for cash, so I decided to check Etsy for some handmade Lolita dresses that would be affordable. To my shock, I found someone selling this as a vintage dress. As soon as I realized it wasn't a joke, I bought it instantly! This is actually the lowest I've ever paid for a Lolita dress in my life. XD I was also happy to find that the dress was actually velveteen and not corduroy as the F+F site has. It's very warm, lined and comfortable, with a removable belt and a bow that holds the belt together. However, the bow doesn't pin; it buttons, which can sometimes be an issue. Still a nice piece however. ^_^
Fan Plus Friend A Midsummer Night's Dream JSK in green
I don't even need to give my reason for buying it. Just....look at it. XD There's sparkly tulle ruffles coming down from the neck to the chest; the same material is on the hem. However, NONE of the sparkles come off, which is awesome *_* It feels very cotton-y, but the print is beautiful and clear, and from what I can see the print is actually continuous! The only bizarre thing about the dress is that there's both a zipper AND corset lacing in the back! The lacing, although a beautiful glittering ribbon, actually blocks the zipper XD. It's still an amazing dress to wear, with full lining inside. I actually wore it last Halloween; I dressed as a fairy, appropriately XD It was a fun time, and everybody loved the idea XD

Infanta Charlie and the Toy Factory JSK in green velveteen (modified)
I kinda felt my supply of Christmas outfits was small (only had the IW Glitter Seraphim dress from above), so when I saw this cute dress, I wanted to buy it. I was able tot get the velveteen version secondhand from a very kind seller. Interestingly, although said to be velveteen, it feels like more of a corduroy. Fortunately, it's still appropriate for colder weather, and the embroidery, which is like a light bronze color, is amazing to look at. However, when I had bought it, neither the seller nor I had noticed that she had received it with a button missing. As such, we worked to try to find replacement buttons; she even contacted Infanta directly, but they had no spare buttons of the same kind; she really went above and beyond as a seller for me. Luckily, while rifling through my mother's sewing box, I managed to find a pair of smaller, gold crown buttons with matched the embroidery very well. Every original button was replaced with the crown buttons, and it still looks lovely ^_^ I'll remember that seller too as one of the best ones I've ever interacted with.
Magic Tea Party Zodiac JSK in navy
I like reading horoscopes, so I wanted to get this when it came out. I also liked the bodice and the halter-like collar of this dress. It's very beautiful up close, and the gold trim on the collar and bodice are surprisingly well done. The dress also came with a matching brooch, which I was glad to see, since I didn't know it would come with one. XD The print is lovely, although the Capricorn sign is repeated on one side where the print didn't match up XD It's a lovely dress; going to wear it on the next visit to the planetarium ^_^


Baby the Stars Shine Bright Angel's Whisper in the Heavenly Holy Night Melody Uriel skirt in black
My first brand piece bought new. ^_^ I bought this when I had no Christmas items at all, and also I loved the print and how each piece had the name of an archangel. However, I couldn't afford either JSK, so I got the skirt instead. It's very beautiful with sparkling details, and lovely gold rose buttons for the waist ties. It's a very comfortable skirt, and works well for casual coords at times too. ^_^
Metamorphose temps de fille Feather Cross Skirt in ivory
There's that angel-liking again XD The skirt itself is a nice heavy piece for chilly weather; it's ivory flannel with a built in petticoat. It sadly didn't come with waist ties, but the skirt fits me well enough without it ^_^ The lace on the hem of the skirt is actually embroidered with smaller versions of the winged rose cross on the print! An interesting aspect is that the tag of the skirt is actually sewn to the inside front rather than the side or back (likely due to the partial shirring in the back). I actually wore this skirt for the first cherry blossom festival fashion show I participated in; I was lucky enough to already have ivory and black items I could coord with it ^_^

Fan Plus Friend Machine Birdcage skirt in brown
Two friends of mine is greatly into steampunk and steampunk lolita, and as such I wanted to give it a try. I also like the classical futurism of the fashion (that liking for archetypes of Time again). I especially like the mechanical birds of the print; there's different ones too, like swallows, nightingales and jays. The print of the cage itself is rather beautiful as well. The button that closes the skirt at the top is also a mini cogwheel ^////^ I managed to get the full set of this (except for the hat, since I intend to use some copper goggles instead).
Fan Plus Friend Time Lord skirt in black/blue
Obvious reason for buying: I'm a Doctor Who fan XD It's the only show that's ever made me cry over some episodes. I had liked what F+F had done with having a DW themed set, and especially since my best friend always gets me DW items as gifts, I was getting something from the set. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the JSK at the time, but the skirt was just as good. The buttons are a beautiful copper color; they're a random swirly pattern, but very fitting (even if I kinda wish they looked like the Gallifrey symbols or the Rassilon symbol). It's a nice light skirt, and the print is rather vivid and clear. ^_^ Likely going to wear it for the next sci-fi convention I can find.

Offbrand Alice skirt in cream/brown
My sister actually got me this skirt for Christmas, so I have no idea who made it. The print is very familiar to me, but I cannot remember where. The waist is completely shirred, and the material is similar to chiffon, so it's quite light. I like it as a casual piece though; it looks comfortable to wear. I just need a matching cutsew and I'll be set ^_^

And that's that! ^_^ I hope you enjoyed this trip through memory lane and my closet ^_^ Apologizes if I put you to sleep XD

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