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luxe_lion's 2015 wardrobe post

A mini-retrospective of Juliette et Justine, and other stuff too!

I started wearing Lolita in 2006-2007. I was really into Juliette et Justine back then, but sold off a lot of my stuff to pay for tuition. I came back to buy more around 2011, around the same time JetJ started changing direction. I'm at a weird place with my wardrobe right now. I want to move back toward more gothic, and to hunt down all the solid-color older Juliette et Justine stuff that I loved. I also want to add maybe some Boz and Moitie, too.

 A lot happened this month, and I hurt my ankle a few days ago so this took longer than expected. I took all the pictures balancing precariously in my walking cast, lol. Better late than never!

Juliette et Justine, L'Annunciation Robe (2012)

Juliette et Justine Carte de la vérité Jumperskirt (2011)
I love Tarot prints, even the tacky ones. Wish I had this in black, too.

Juliette et Justine Robe l'Agneau (2013 Release)
Had the original in black, sold it years ago. This version is not nearly as nice. The older one had a much deeper pile velvet. This new one is okay but it doesn't have waist ties, wtf.

Juliette et Justine, Le Premier Cri du Prophete Skirt (2006)
So, so glad I never sold it. Forever searching for the other versions.

Juliette et Justine, Echelle du Sphinx Onepiece (2012)
For those times your gothic princess ensemble needs a matching parasol.

Metamorphose Pintuck Tiered Pinafore Jumperskirt (2014)
Purple! I neeeeeed more purple! Only Metamorphose ever delivers.

Juliette et Justine, Rose du Reve Onepiece (2007)
This was the JetJ that I loved. This was a make-to-order, and the quality is phenomenal. Probably my favorite dress ever!

Juliette et Justine, Plume d'une Princesse et l'ange Onepiece (2013)
I slept through my alarm and missed the pink in both (!!!) rounds of the reserve on this, I was so sad and I'm forever looking for it. If you're selling . . .

Juliette et Justine, Robe de la papillote poupée Onepiece (2014)
This one got a bad rap, but the fabric is nice in person, not shiny at all. It's the artifical silk-texture stuff they use a lot. I wear this one a lot because you can style it in a not-so-Lolita way really easily.

Juliette et Justine, La Amour d'Amants Jumperskirt (2011)
The original painting dress. I'm kind of over it, but I wore on too many sentimental ocassions to sell it now . . . This has been the inspiration to add more green to my wardrobe, though, so yay :)

Juliette et Justine, La couches de créme sucrée Jumperskirt (2014)
The nicest thing they did last year, I think. Quality-wise it reminds me of the older stuff, and it looks so nice on.

Metamorphose, Pintuck Tiered Jumperskirt (2014)
I feel like this is a staple piece I always missed somehow! Tried it in on in the Shinjuku store and loved it. It is a perfect length if you're taller, and actually super comfortable. It's really versatile too, so now I'm on a mission to find all the colors, haha.

Juliette et Justine, Robe du Portrait la Dame (2013)

Juliette et Justine, La bibliothèque OP (Original Release, 2012)
This is the Antique Orange colorway, which looks so much prettier in person than the other version, in my opinion. It is (unexpectedly?) super flattering on  basically everyone! Seriously, if you get the chance, buy it! Sadly this was probably the last real stunner JetJ release for me. I am so sick of painting dresses, and I think their recent seasons have been pretty weak.

Juliette et Justine (2012)
I stayed up all night to get this on reserve, and I was terrified because I watched the Cadre du Chat version sell out in seconds. But I got the one I wanted! This and the matching OP is totally what I want to be buried in, haha. JetJ paid beautiful attention to detail on this one: when you wear this with the dress, the bookshelves on the print *line up perfectly* across the bodice and skirt on *both* pieces. It's killer.

Juliette et Justine, Prairie et Fleur Robe (2010)

Juliette et Justine, La jeune fille qui prie Jumperskirt (2013)
I loved it so much when the first one arrived, I ordered the second. I'm such a sucker for velvet.

Juliette et Justine, La feé de fleurs mystiques Jumperskirt (2014)
I'm tempted to add some clear (or blue?) Swarovski crystals to the skirt, haven't decided if I'm brave enough yet. That bow is HUGE.

Juliette et Justine, Féerie Jumperskirt (2011)

Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Ribbon Organdy JSK (2014)
Tried it on when I visited San Francisco. The stock photos didn't do it justice, it's really pretty and fun to wear :)

Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Merveille Doll Jumperskirt (2010)
It's not really my style now, but I will love it forever because my best friend brought it back for me from Baby's old head store in Daikanyama, and Isobe-san personally went and found the last matching headbow for it so I could have the set.

Alice And The Pirates, Melty Fur Coat
I swear, this year I will replace this coat with a Mary Magdalene one. I always wanted a bordeaux MM coat, but I keep losing my auctions :(

Hats: Triple Fortune, House of Wormwood (custom order Harry Potter!), offbrand, Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Bags: Innocent World, Mary Magdalene, Swimmer, Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty
Socks: Nile Perch, Innocent World, Dangerous Nude, Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose, etc.
Accessories Left: Miho Matsuda (brooch), indie brand @ Dangerous Nude (cat necklace), etc.
Accessories Right: Metamorphose (jabot), Paris Kids (bracelets), Angelic Pretty (brooch, bracelets), etc.

I had way too many accessories, so I gave up and tried to pile some of them artistically, haha! Maybe next year! I didn't even bother with my box of tights. They're mostly plain since I'm almost always too tall for the printed Japanese ones :(

L-R, Top-Bottom: Nile Perch (cute but the quality is terrible), IW, Metamorphose, Mary Magdalene x2 (the lace flakes off no matter how careful you are, buyer beware :-/), IW, IW, IW, Swimmer (bought it to match a coordinate for the Metamorphose Sanrio Puroland Halloween Tea Party this year)

Headdresses: IW (bordeaux bonnet), Metamorphose (center old school headdress and purple canotier) , Juliette et Justine (velvet headbows), corgi-corgi (big floral headbands, which you should buy because they are SO comfortable and so stunning irl), Alamode Market indie brand (cream headdress on lower right), etc.

Parasols & Umbrellas, L-R
Victorian Maiden (I wish I had bought every color, it's perfect and huge)
Juliette et Justine, Alice & The Pirates, Innocent World, Metamorphose

I can totally justify all these because it's so rainy where I live, right? I need a brown one, and a pink one . . . geez.

Blouses, Boleros, & Cardigans: Juliette et Justine, Innocent World, Metamorphose, Jessica McClintock (vintage!), etc.
I was way too tired to photograph them individually, but please ask if you have questions :)

Shoes, Back Row L-R: ? purchased abroad, Fluevog, Metamorphose, Fluevog, Fluevog, Fluevog
Shoes, Front Row L-R: TUK, Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty, Baby The Stars Shine Bright
This year I really want to find more classic shoes without heels, especially a brown pair, and maybe an offwhite pair too. And more Fluevogs! Those Metamorphose pink boots are so awesome and glittery. They don't match anything exactly, but I smile every time I wear them so who cares?

Thanks so much for looking! I'm mostly on Tumblr these days, come find me and chat! (
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