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Antik_poesi's wardrobe 2015

Welcome to the 2015 edition of my wardrobe! I moved to the north of Sweden and haven't had the time to take pictures during the few hours of daylight that we get so the pictures are both dark and a bit blurry, sorry about that!

My favorite brands are still IW, Metamorphose and Btssb, and I'm some where between classic and sweet I think. The goals for this year is to continue to sell the pieces that don't feel 100% right for me, organize my wardrobe better (not enough space in the new apartment!), get a solid black jsk (probably something a bit older from Btssb), black bloomers and a elongating underskirt in black or brown. I have some dresses I would love to get but I don't think I can afford any bigger purchases during 2015.

If you want to compare you'll find my previous wardrobes here 2013 2014

Dresses and skirts


Pintuck OP (Physical Drop), St.Gemini Skirt (Meta), Regimental striped Jsk (Atelier Pierrot)


Malonica Rose Jsk (IW), Classical cat Jsk (IW), Cool Rose Jsk (IW)

Antique Garden Jsk (Btssb), Rose print Jsk & skirt (Meta)

Princess Honey's Tea Salon Jsk (Btssb), Bouquet Print Jsk (Meta), Songbird Bouquet (Meta)

Angel Garden Jsk (Meta), Rose print dropped waist Jsk x 2 (Meta)

Candy Flower OP (Princess Doll), Rose Dot OP (IW), Antoinette Bouquet Jsk (Btssb)

Lauretta Rose Jsk (IW), Antique Pansy OP (IW), ? (ETC)

Rose Bouquet Jsk (Meta),Florina Rose JSK (Btssb), Classical Rose Bouquet Jsk (Btssb)

Antique Bouquet Collection
I'm so glad that I found it in red! Still hoping to find a green dress and a skirt~


? (IW), Victorian Cards II Jsk (Aatp), Royal Crown's Tea Package I Jsk (Aatp)

Old Rose Jsk (Meta), Snow Globe Shirring Pinafore dress (Meta), Night Fairy Fantasia Jsk (Aatp)

Cameo Window Jsk (AP), Carousel of Paris Jsk (IW), l'Oiseau Bleu print Jsk (Btssb)

Princess Wardrobe Jsk (Meta), Paris Window Jsk (Btssb), A & P Lace Jsk (Aatp)

Dollhouse Jsk (IW), Appartement Jsk (IW), French Picture Frame Jsk (IW)

Angel's window Jsk (Btssb), Unico in Bloomland Jsk (Btssb), Marie Antoinette Print Jsk (Btssb)

Sweet Fanny World Jsk (MAM), Rabbit Ballerina OP (ETC), Royal Cat Jsk (Leur Getter)

Magic Étoile Skirt (AP), Roman Mosaic Skirt (IW), Romantic Alphabet Skirt (Meta)

Constellation skirt (Aatp), Rose Letter skirt (Meta), Cinderella Frill skirt (Btssb)


Flocky tulle Jsk (IW), Lady tartan check Jsk (IW), Dog tooth ribbon Jsk (Btssb, slightly altered)

Tartan Check Jsk (Btssb), Marple check OP (IW),Lucky pack Jsk (Meta)

Aphrodie Jsk (IW), Merry Rose Jsk (IW), Thorn Jsk (Meta)


? (IW), Harmonica OP (IW), Pintuck Tiered Pinafore Jsk (Meta)

Lace Pleated JSK (Btssb), Lace pintuck Jsk (Meta), Dessert OP (Btssb)

Heart Flocky Ribbon Jsk (Btssb, slightly altered), Ladder Lace Tulle OP (IW), Hawase Doll OP (Btssb)

Velveteen Marina OP (Btssb), Vintage, Babydoll Jsk (Btssb), Pintuck Frill OP (Meta)

Operetta Velveteen Jsk (Aatp), Carousel Applique Jsk II (Aatp) Velvet Jsk (Meta)

Frill skirt (Btssb), Karami skirt (Btssb), ? (Princess Doll), Basic Skirt (Ergi by Piratessan)

The longer ones

Some Day of Ranunculus Jsk (Btssb), Antique Rose Jsk (IW), Versaille Rose Jsk (IW), Quadruple Tiered Ribbon Chiffon Jsk (Meta)

Ribbon Bouquet (IW), Anniversary Rose Jsk (IW), Vintage Cameo Jsk (Meta), Hymn long Jsk (Aatp)

Angela Stella Skirt (Lief), Bisque Doll (Juliette et Justine), ? (Excentrique)


? (Moon afternoon), Gislaine Jsk (IW), Eris Jsk (Aatp)

Blouses & cardigans

Innocent World


Btssb & Aatp

Axes Femme, Bodyline, AP

Btssb & IW

Meta & IW

Btssb, Aatp, AP & IW

Meta, Aatp, Btssb & IW


All three are from Btssb

ETC, Btssb and Btssb x Novala Takemoto

Aatp, Btssb x 2

Meta, Heart E, Btssb x 2

Bags & shoes

IW, Btssb, Aatp and AP

Heart bags from Btssb & MILK

Meta, ETC, Aatp & IW

If your interested in seeing socks, headwear and accessories so please check out my previous posts. Comments and thoughts are always welcomed and thank you for looking, I hope you enjoyed looking thru my wardrobe!
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