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Wardrobe Post - 2015

Hello, everyone.

This is the beginning of my third year of being a lolita. I have great plans to expand my wardrobe in 2015. I really want to acquire some better blouses, at least two cutsews, and better legwear so I can have more interesting coords. I want to begin to try and understand how to accessorize, and I want to make a lot more of my wardrobe. I haven't finished a lolita sewing project in a long time, and I'd like to finish altering two OPs soon so I can finally wear them out.

I didn't post a wardrobe last year, but you can look at my 2013 one here. I've grown a lot since then.

JSKs and OPs

Bodyline, Bodyline, Offbrand

Surface Spell x2

Bodyline, Baby the Stars Shine Bright (2013)


Fanplusfriend, Bodyline

Handmade, Eat Me Ink Me

Lady Sloth, Alice and the Pirates (2012)

Anna House, Handmade
[I always use the black skirt as an underskirt. You can see how short the Anna House skirt is...]

Handmade, Handmade [not by me]
Offbrand x3
[The one on the far left photographed horribly here. It actually looks pretty nice worn.]

Bodyline x2, offbrand
Bodyline x2

Offbrand turtlenecks

Offbrand x3
Bodyline, handmade, Taobao, offbrand

Hair flowers = Surface Spell
Canotier = Kidsyoyo
Middle headbow = Baby the Stars Shine Bright (2013)
Other headbow = assembled from Bodyline waistbow
Headdress = Innocent World (20??)
Bonnet = Innocent World (2006)

I didn't photograph any of my legwear. It is mostly offbrand tights, which makes for fairly boring pictures. I do have a pair of Angelic Pretty lace-topped OTKs in blackxwhite, though. I would very much like to get more brand socks and brand accessories in general.

Back row = Bordello, Bodyline x3
Front row = offbrand x3, Bodyline, offbrand

* * *
I hope you enjoyed my little wardrobe. Now that it's all over, I'd like to give a big round of applause to my little helper, my handmade dressform, who had to be put to work before even being finished. (I still have to stuff it, close up the holes, and apply a finish.)
Yay, dressform! You held up very well during the whole thing. (I promise to finish you soon...)
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