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2015 Wardrobe Post before it's too late!

I made this super serious image to show you how super serious my wardrobe post is :)

I have been collecting my lolita dresses and accessories for over seven years now, and I am very excited to share them with you!

For the most part, my style is what I like to call "semi-old school sweet"
My favorite dress designs and prints are almost all from 2006-2008 but really I love a little bit of everything

Whatever your style is and opinion on mine, I hope you enjoy this little tour into my lolita world.

Alright, here we go!


Floral headwear on headbands
Btssb, Taobao, Sweet Mildred, Innocent World, Atelier Pierrot

Side headbows - mostly AP and Btssb

Head eating bows
Taobao, AP, AP, AP
AP, Taobao, AATP, AP

These are the random leftovers
Marie ears from Tokyo Disney, a bear headdress from CuteCandyClouds and a tiara from Disney World
Two ice cream cone headbands from Angelic Pretty
Some random leftover bows on a headband and some AP Magical Etoile headbands

These are the headpieces I have on mannequins because they don't relaly fit elsewhere
AP bunny ears, AP mermaid symphony headdress, Aatp Mephisto bonnet, AP fawn ears/bow and AP Fawn beret
AP witch hat, AP starry night theater hat, AP headeating bow, AP headbow with veil, Atelier Pierrot mask and AP teacup hat


The order to these dresses is fairly random to be completely honest.
I am putting my ultimate dream dress at the top.  This is one of those pieces that really sealed my love for
the fashion years and years ago and the fact that I have finally managed to track it down
makes me endlessly happy

Angelic Pretty Carnival jsk

Innocent World chiffon polka dot jsk, Emily Temple Cute jsk

Angelic Pretty bunny pockets, Alice and the Pirates Queen of Ice and Snow

Alice and the Pirates Scent of Rapunzel OP, Angelic Pretty Starry Night Theater

Innocent World Trompe L'oeil Lace, Innocent World Gertrude

Innocent World Marcela jsk in pink and blue

Juliet et Justine Robe du Portrait la Dame, Alice and the Pirates St. Mephisto (with my dog sneaking in the photo)

Angelic Pretty Cupcake Applique and Angelic Pretty Mermaid Symphony

Angelic Pretty Dreaming Macaron, Angelic Pretty Whimsical Vanilla Chan

Angelic Pretty Dream Fantasy, Angelic Pretty Merry Making Party

My two Atelier Pierrot pieces

Angelic Pretty Milky Berry, Angelic Pretty Marine Border

Angelic Pretty Whipped Magic, Chest Story Creamy Cake

Innocent World Shala and Innocent World King of Lolita

Angelic Pretty Happy Garden, Mary Magdalene Albertine

Angelic Pretty wrapping ribbon, Emily Temple Cute tank dress

Innocent World Roman Trump, Angelic Pretty Girly Polka Dot (with a home added ruffle)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Snow Dot, Alice and the Pirates Relief

Angelic Pretty Dream Magic OP, Angelic Pretty Hearts Marine jsk

Emily Temple Cute red riding hood, Shirley Temple

Victorian Maiden Beth, Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Emily Temple Cute, Angelic Pretty Loyalty

Angelic Pretty Milky Fawn, Juliet et Justine Je Suis Boulanger

Btssb heart apron

Emily Temple Cute coat, Metamorphose coat

And last but not least, I wanted to group my main Magical Etoile pieces!  All from the original release :)

Blouses, cutsews, cardigans and camisoles

Emily Temple Cute, Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Angelic PRetty

Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Baby the Stars Shine Bright (home tea dyed with added ribbon), Angelic Pretty

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Atelier Pierrot, Metamorphose

Earth, Music, Ecology brand K-on collaboration, Metamorphose

Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty

Betsey Johnson, Innocent World

Offbrand x2, Metamorphose

Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty

Offbrand, Emily Temple Cute

Innocent World, Innocent World, Innocent World

Victorian Maiden Beth, homemade, Victorian Maiden Beth

Offbrand x2, Alice and the Pirates

Angelic Pretty cutsews

More Angelic Pretty cutsews!

2 Emily Temple Cute cutsews

Both Btssb tank tops


AP Little Bears Cafe, AP Wrapping Ribbon

AP French Cafe, ETC cherry skirt

Innocent World Dot Jacquard Circus, Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty Wonder Trip (with added ruffle, needs altering)

Angelic Pretty Milky Fawn Applique, ETC chiffon ruffle skirt

Angelic Pretty melty chocolate, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Cinderella

Angelic Pretty Candy Pop, Angelic Pretty Wonder Party

The first skirt I ever made and a homemade underskirt

Maybe it's odd to share the petticoats, but I find it terribly interesting and obnoxious just how many
different shapes, lengths and styles are required to fit different dresses

The first one is a combo of two that I usually stack for less poofiness, the second is a short little one great for salopettes

Poofy long a-line petticoat, less poofy long a-line petticoat

My super fluffy bell shaped petti, the mid length a-line

All are offbrand, most with some home alteration and addition of layers
One of them is from rinrinhime who apparently doesn't make them anymore as her LJ seems to have been deleted :(


Animal shaped purses and one Btssb little bear that is sadly not a purse!
So lets see . . Btssb wise there are the two large bunny bears, one tiny bunny bear and a little brown bear
Angelic Pretty wise it's milky fawn, chick purse and porter bear
and then a Duffy pochette, a little elephant purse and a gloomy bear pass case

Non-animal related purses
Back row:  AP, AP, IW, Swimmer
IW, AP, Btssb heart purse and AP shooting star purse


Offbrand, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, IW, offbrand, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, Btssb, AP, AP, AP
AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, IW, IW, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, offbrand, AP, Aatp, IW, AP, Btssb, AP, Btssb

I have another couple of drawers of offbrand tights and over the knees that I did not bother to photograph :)

Shoes and Boots

IW and AP boots
AP sneakers, An-Ten-Na rocking horse shoes
IW sandals, IW shoes, then two pairs of AP platforms

My teaparty shoe collection, all authentic Angelic Pretty! :D
I'm just missing a few more colors D:


Jewelry is not really something I am dedicated to collecting but here are my pieces!

Rings, mostly offbrand but a few AP and Sanrio thrown in there

Earrings, mostly offbrand, one pair of AP, several from Tokyo Disney

I think 5 of these are AP and 1 is IW and the rest are offbrand

Wrist cuffs and bracelets
Left side are handmade by myself with detachable/interchangeble bows, right side are all AP except the top most pair


Thank you for reading my insanely long wardrobe post!  I hioe I was still making sense by the end :)

And I will leave you with a photo of one of my dogs (named Butters) oh so diligently helping me through


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