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Mayfaring Wardrobe Post 2015


Hello All,

I started purchasing lolita pieces in August of 2014 during a trip to Japan. I am still working on figuring out the direction I want to take my wardrobe and what pieces I need to make it more practical and cohesive. I have slowed down my spending to save for another trip to Japan, but this year I am hoping to buy a winter coat, outerwear, accessories, and shoes.

I wanted to complete a wardrobe post so that I would have a record of how I started.

The lighting in my suite is something I definitely need to improve. Sorry for the dark photos and any distorted colours.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my photos.

01 Loyal Rosette
Loyal Rosette JSK - Angelic Pretty

03 Antique Cutlery
Antique Cutlery High Waist JSK - Innocent World

06 Pretty School
Pretty School JSK - Angelic Pretty

02 Chocolate Fountain
Chocolate Fountain JSK - Innocent World

05 Pietro Angel
Pietro Angel Corset JSK (LP 2015) - Innocent World

04 Pleats A La Mode
Pleats A La Mode JSK - Angelic Pretty

09 Sister Maria's
Sister Maria's Humming Birds Skirt - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

10 Hulim Hulum
Holiday of the Hulim Hulum Brass Band Skirt - Alice and the Pirates

08 Wonder Story
Wonder Story Comes in the Rose Blooming Night Skirt - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

07 Two Tier Frill Skirt
Two Tier Frill Skirt - Innocent World
The colour of this in real life is a darker bordeaux colour. It did not show up well in these photos

11 Brand Blouses
Innocent World Blouses

11 Brand Blouses 2
Innocent World Blouse, Alice and the Pirates Cutsew

11 Off Brand
Taobao Blouses and Boleros
I also have a few offbrand cardigans that I did not include in this post

12 Misc
Headwear and Accessories

12 Misc 2
Printed Socks, Bags, and Shoes
I also have many pairs of solid and lace tights and socks that I did not include in this post

This is the coord I wore to my first local meet-up last weekend.

Thank you!
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