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**Wardrobe post 2015**


Last years post: http://egl.livejournal.com/19497638.html
My style has changed a little bit over the past year. After taking these pictures i have realized that I still need to stop being a horder ;) and downsize a bit. haha
Sorry for the picture quality, I revently moved about an hour and a half away from home and do not have all of my things with me yet. So this post will mainly be just main pieces. Even so half of my main pieces are at my new place and half at my old place, so I ended up taking pictures when I went home to visit my family. But anyway, on to the pictures. :)

10945020_786213769737_3480893832939914601_nCherry Cherry fallin' Cherry

Alice and the Pirates:
10941874_786214343587_6810318839083384158_nWicked Queens Posion Cellar

Innocent world:
Cecilia Sailor JSK and Jacket
Arabesque Rose
Antique book
Peter Rabbit
Philharmonie angel
Astanomical Clock
Union Jack

Rabbit Goblien

Sailor coat Op
Grazia Crown
London Bear

Marine Rose
Delf Lotta (Long)
rose damascene
Gargoyles of Notre Dame
Flair Collar Op
Strahov library
And my only skirt.. haha(Not really a skirt person..)
Finally picked up a Meta Sailor dress :)
Grey tweed
Angelic Pretty:
Day dream Carnival
Loyal Rosette
Honey Cake
Melty Ribbon Chocolate
Country of sweets
Musse du Chocolate
Lucky Key
Crystal Dream Carnival
Mercator Antique Shop
Radient Candelight
Melty royal chocolate
Victorian Maiden Beth:
Crown Tartan Ribbon
Sailor OP
The Snow Field:
Library JSK

And Currently waiting on:

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