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Wardrobe Post 2015


I've been into lolita since 2001, but didn't start building a wardrobe until late 2003/early 2004.  Holy fudgsicles, 11 years!

Anyhow, to save some time, I reused (brightened up a little though) some photos from last years post (the ones on the brown comforter).  With the exception of the petticoat photo, all the ones on the red bedsheet are new.

Like usual, my fiance's wardrobe is included (after mine) as well!

Lolita gives me a strong feeling of being true to myself that I have never felt before...

Alice and the Pirates

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Innocent World

Innocent World

Innocent World



Angelic Pretty x2, Black Peace Now, h.Naoto

Emily Temple Cute x2, Moi Meme Moitie, Victorian Maiden

Juliette et Justine

Haenuli, Lief


Handmade by me (Hopefully, I'll have more to show here next year!  I've had to sell some things because I've lost weight over the past few years, but I'm also a big procrastinator with a gazillion projects on the go.  :S)

Metamorphose, Innocent World

Metamorphose, Innocent World x3

Bodyline x2, Handmade by me

Little Dipper underskirts

BtSSB, Meta x2
AatP, AP

Innocent World


Handmade by me x4
Lady Sloth, Princess Pearl Designs

Meta, AatP, Meta, AatP
Meta, AatP, BtSSB

Bodyline  (I might be adding a few of these to my sale pile though; haven't decided yet.)

Offbrand x5, Timeless Trends

Bodyline, Innocent World, BtSSB, mittens handmade by my fiance's mother

BtSSB, h.Naoto

Mary Magdalene, Innocent World, Victorian Maiden
Bodyline, Metamorphose, Innocent World

Handmade by me.  (The one in the front middle will have the flowers seen in front of it attached to the inner brim.  I also plan on adding some more embellishments to the blue one in the back/top row.)

Handmade by me x2, offbrand x2
BtSSB, offbrand, Meta, offbrand
BtSSB, offbrand


First row going down:  Meta, handmade by me x2, Bodyline
Row two going down:  AatP, IW, BtSSB, IW
From left to right:  AatP, BtSSB x2
BtSSB, Claire's x2, handmade by me
H&M, Claire's x2, Bodyline x2

A mix of offbrand, Claire's, chocomint, BtSSB, Meta, Bodyline, and handmade by me.

Offbrand, IW, handmade by me
Offbrand, handmade by me, BtSSB, handmade by me (fingerless gloves)

Bracelets:  chocomint, Claire's x2, Meta, BtSSB, offbrand, chocomint, offbrand
Necklaces:  offbrand x3, Eclectic Eccentricities, Tasty Peach Studios x2, offbrand, Eclectic Eccentricities x4, Bodyline, offbrand, Claire's, unknown, Claire's, AatP, chocomint x2, Eclectic Eccentricities, offbrand, Meta, handmade by a friend

The last BtSSB ring is my promise ring!

Tights:  a mix of ffbrand, Claire's and Forever 21

Knee high socks:  the black and white blobs are just plain knee highs
BtSSB x2, AatP, IW x2, Meta x 5
Bodlyine x3, offbrand x2, Claire's x2, offbrand x3

Sock toppers:  handmade by me x2, IW, Bodyline x2
OTK Socks:  Claire's x3, Meta x2, AatP x2, IW x6

Meta x3, Bodyline x2
Meta x3, Bodyline

Offbrand, Victoriangirldress x2 (two on the right), Bodyline x3 (the small ones down the left), Meta (bottom middle)

I know some of these speak for themselves, but just to keep order:
AatP, BtSSB, AatP, IW
offbrand, vintage, Aldo, BtSSB, IW
Muchacha Ahcahcum x2
Wallets  - Meta, offbrand x2
Coin Purses - Claire's x2
Make-up Bags - Meta, chocomint, Claire's

Angelic Pretty bento box and pillow, IW wash cloth, Meta handkerchief

Meta, BtSSB, charms from Strapya

BtSSB, AatP x2, offbrand, An*ten*na
BtSSB x2, offbrand, Irregular Choice, Montreal, Le Chateau
Offbrand, Aldo, Emily Temple Cute, offbrand, vintage

Bodyline x3, offbrand x2
Offbrand, Bodyline x3

~My fiance's wardrobe!~

Alice and the Pirates, Black Peace Now, h.Naoto

Handmade by me, Atelier Boz x2

Moi Meme Moitie, Alice and the Pirates, Atelier Boz x2

Alice and the Pirates

AatP, handmade by me, Black Peace Now

Fanplusfriend x2, Meta, Bodyline, AatP x2

Offbrand x4, Alice and the Pirates

Atelier Boz, Black Peace Now x2, Moi Meme Moitie

BPN, Atelier Boz, Moi Meme Moitie

Alice and the Pirates


Ties:  offbrand x4, BPN.  Cravats and ribbon ties:  handmade by me
Meta bag (I know it seems out of place here, but it arrived after I finished most of the photos.)
All jabots except the one on the bottom left (IW) are handmade by me.

Rings from Claires, AatP belt, offbrand tights and socks, chocomint pocket watch, offbrand pocket watchs x2, offbrand monocle and sundial compass, AatP brooch, chocomint bracelet, offbrand telescope

Offbrand umbrella, vintage cane
Tricorns handmade by me, offbrand top hat

Fanplusfriend, capelet handmade by me, the rest is offbrand

Fluevog, Demonia, offbrand, Fluevog

~Where we store most of our stuff...
(for now; hoping for better options for some of it one day)

Dresses, blouses, cardigans, skirts, jackets and what not - on the racks.  You can see my Edwardian inspired hat on the wall on the right.  Jewelry and smaller accessories are in the mirror.

Most of our hats and hair accessories are in the hat boxes.  The boxes in the center have socks, bloomers, and tights.

My partner's tricorns on the wall, more hats in the hatbox below.  My knee high socks are stored in one of the bedside drawers.


I'm hoping for the new year, to build up more on the smaller things, such as more elaborate (chiffon, lace...) blouses and boleros/cardigans, tights, accessories; complete some coordinates that I've either not been satisfied with, or have just never been or felt complete.  I'm hoping to get better at coordinating altogether; even though I've been in this fashion for so long, I still feel I'm not very good at it yet!
Although I have already been weeding out my wardrobe down to what I really do love over the past year, I still feel like a little more weeding is in order (just a little), and a bit of building up with more of the things that I really really love.
I'm also really hoping I will get a LOT more sewing done this year then I have in the past few years.
I also would love to acquire more gothic pieces, and something super princessy.

I guess that's it (phew).  I would like to thank everyone that has posted their wardrobes so far, and those yet to come, as I really enjoy them!  I hope you have enjoyed ours.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Thank you so much for looking!

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