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DarkRomantica's Wardrobe Post 2015 ~

Welcome to a wardrobe filled with classic and gothic pieces! ^^
I hope you enjoy seeing my post, as much as I enjoy all the other wardrobe posts!

I have been into lolita since 2008, and my wardrobe is filled with mostly classic, gothic and oldschool pieces.
If you are interested, last year's post is here.

I did a big cleanout this year and got rid of most of my Moitie and AatP pieces. Only to replace them with solid black gothic pieces haha!
Another thing that changed is that I became interested in otome and so I bought a few otome pieces.I hope to obtain more Jane Marple, Emily Temple Cute and Leur Getter this year, next to more Metamorphose and solid Moitie pieces. My style is a bit all over the place and I think my wardrobe reflects that. I wear lolita every day, though casually to work. Enjoy and don't hesitate to leave comments/questions, I happily answer!^^

My wardrobe is sorted by brand this year! My cat wanted to help by sleeping on my bed, so sorry if you see her quite a lot in my pictures xD

Alice and the Pirates

Operetta Bouquet and Queen's Coach in red <3  I used to own more of this brand, but sold most of it. I added my dream dress though, the Queen's Coach JSK!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Baby Long Floral OP and Baby Maria Antonio OP.

My Stained Glass collection, I cheated a bit, JSK is AatP.

Baby Dessert OP and my dreamdress that got rereleased in 2014: Claudia the Fairytale Princess.

Baby Disney Snow White JSK and Baby Red Riding Hood JSK + the capelet. I was really lucky to get the capelet with the JSK!

Baby Searching for Baroque JSK and Baby Karami JSK.


Amazing handmade OP by Dixmacabre, I love the lace bustle with the little rosettes!

Emily Temple Cute

Emily Temple Cute Ballet JSK and Emily Temple Cute Umbrella skirt. I just started getting into this brand and I hope to add more this year. The ballet dress is one of my favourites in my wardrobe!

Handmade (by friends)

This skirt features paintings from various Dutch painters, like van Gogh, Vermeer and Rembrandt. I love it a lot!

Innocent World

Innocent World Standing Collar OP and Antique Pansy OP. Pansies are my favourite flowers!

Innocent World Margaret OP and Marple Check OP. I wear both a lot casually!

Innocent World Ribbon Rose OP and Crown and Fleur de Lys JSK and capelet. The Fleur de Lys JSK is made out of corduroy, so warm!

Innocent World Rococo Sundress and Innocent World Cardinal Rose. The first was a dream dress, thanks to Moss Marchen!

Innocent World Isabella OP and Marine Rose JSK. I forgot to include the black ribbons with the OP, sorry!

Innocent World Heart Lace Dobby OP and Rose Jacquard JSK. I love the sweetheart neckline from the OP!

Innocent World Gobelin JSK and Malonica Rose skirt + bustier. I love the Malonica Rose set!

Innocent World Alencon JSK and Embroidered Carriage JSK. This embroidery is the most perfect ever, I wish Innocent World would make more dresses like this.

Innocent World Rose Basket JSK and Forest Harvest JSK. I was very happy to add Forest Harvest to my collection, it is just so cute!

Innocent World Sweets JSK and Dwarf Story JSK. Dwarf Story is so beautiful. I am a huge Snow White fan!

Innocent World Flora JSK and Rose Gobelin JSK. The last one was an instant must-have for me!

Innocent World Antique Book JSK and Strahov Library. I love these prints and hope to obtain Royal Library in green this year!

Innocent World Bisque Doll JSK and British Tuck Flare JSK. I searched years for Bisque Doll!

My Rose Stained Glass collection. I placed a WTB for it and got offered these two the same day!

And my Lotta collection. I already had the skirt, but when the JSK got rereleased, I snagged the blue one!

Innocent World Grazia Crown JSK and Union Jack JSK. I instantly loved the Union Jack print, so unique!

Innocent World Rabbit Letter skirt and Rabbit Gobelin skirt.

Jane Marple

Jane Marple Stained Glass OP and British Library OP. I lucked out with these two pieces this year!

Juliette et Justine

JetJ Angel of Music OP and Blue Roses JSK. I love collecting older JetJ for the wonderful fit and details.

JetJ Velvet dress and Empreinte de Genese JSK. I love how elegant the velvet dress is.

JetJ Star Money OP and Tarot Card JSK.

JetJ Reine D'Elfe OP and Benediction D'Ange JSK. I got the JSK basically as a gift from an amazing friend!

JetJ Vanitas dresses. The blue one is my favourite dress, the print is amazing!

JetJ Amour D'Amants JSK and Rosery Solonnel skirt.

JetJ Baiser D'Ange JSK and Feerie JSK. I love painting prints, what can I say?

JetJ Cadre du Chat JSK and Noble du Chat skirt.

JetJ Crucifixion dress and Belle Pierreries JSK. More velvet!

JetJ Brown Velvet OP and Robe du Pluvier.

JetJ La Cachet Sculpte du Bouquet JSK and Reve du Paradis JSK. Both so Renaissancey!

JetJ Robe du Celadon and my Ice Queen dress haha. It has the most amazing shade of grey/silver.

JetJ floral JSK and Victorian Famille JSK. Both very comfortable due to shirring.

And my little library collection. I grabbed the skirt on sale past summer, it is so easy to wear!

JetJ Petit Bouquet skirt and Parfait et un Manege skirt.

JetJ Bisque Doll skirt and Gobelin skirt. The Gobelin skirt is so warm!

JetJ Le Monde D'Ange et Portrait du Marie skirt.

JetJ Madonna dresses. Mere Vierge was a dream come true~!


Lief Noble High Tea JSK and Regimental Stripe skirt.

Lief Gardenberries JSK and Sailor OP. I love the carrot colourway of Gardenberries.

Lily of the Valley

LotV Porcelain skirt. It is gorgeous and easy to wear to work! I hope to buy more of this brand.

Krad Lanrete

Krad Lanrete Marriage du Bourgogne and Mozarabic Chant JSK.

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene Bertille OP and Valeria JSK.

Mary Magdalene Copine Georgette and Farutetto JSK. Love the teal colourway!

Mary Magdalene Claudette OP and Cordelia OP. The Cordelia OP is made from sparkling wool!

Mary Magdalene Mille Rose JSK and Delice Fleur OP. Delice Fleur was a long time dream item!

Mary Magdalene Basket OP and unknown skirt.


Meta Windows Print JSK, love it so much! I remember seeing the ad with this and wanting it!

My little Antique Bouquet collection. I am determined to find the red and brown colourway this year!

Meta A-line Sailor OP/coat and School JSK. I need a matching jacket for the School JSK.

Moi Meme Moitie

MMM Rose Chiffon OP and Waterprint OP. Both so easy to wear and elegant!

MMM Polkadot OP and another Roses OP. The cream one I bought recently from a friend!

MMM Velvet Rose JSK and Isabella OP. I never thought I would manage to find the Isabella OP, I am so incredibely happy with it!

MMM Flocky JSK and Embroidery JSK. I love the Embroidery JSK so much, it is so elegant.

Moitie Rose Tulle OP, my one true love. I want it in all colours.


Amazing Boticelli skirt. I hope to obtain more of this brand this year.

Victorian Maiden

Victorian Maiden Beth JSK and Noble Queen JSK. Noble Queen will probably stay with me forever.

Victorian Maiden Lace Chiffon Doll and unknown skirt. The skirt is cute, but so short!

Victorian Maiden Rose Greetings JSK and Fairytale OP.

4 O'Clock

Amazing corduroy winter dress that I probably never sell. I wear this all the time when it's cold.

Cute winter JSK and Blue Frozen skirt. The JSK is currently for sale, I don't wear it enough :C

Thank you so much for looking at my wardrobe, props for getting so far haha! I hope you liked it!

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